2010 Fahrenheit Fling at Veteranís Park

Posted by discgolfstation on 7/16/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments

So, Iíve signed myself up to get brutalized by the Advanced Division for the first time.  This weekend, the Fahrenheit Fling tricks otherwise rational disc golfers into playing all day in the Texas summer sun and heat.  The 36-hole tournament is being held at Veteranís Park in Arlington, Texas.  This silly clip art doesnít do it justice, I assure you. 

(Was going for an old cowboy that was really hot from the summer sun...searching for "hot cowboy" in Google is not a good idea...)

Anyways, Iím not really ready for the Advanced division yet but due to scheduling, Iím going to go for it this weekend.  The Advanced and Recreational divisions will play two rounds on Saturday while the Pro/Open and Intermediate groups will play Sunday.  I canít play on Sunday so I was left with Advanced or Rec. 

Although my rating might tell you otherwise, playing Rec. at this point is not getting me anywhere.  The Advanced division however will be quite a step up in competition.  My goal is to not get last.  To not look terrible.  To not fall down from being nervous.  To not suck.  Honestly, I donít care if I get last so long as I play my best. 

Iíll let everyone know how good or bad this turns out next weekÖuntil then, please hold candlelight vigils and prayer meetings for my poor ego.  Iím not sure if my pride is going to make it!

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Date 1/16/2014
Jim Eddinger
What is the length of a course? Or what is the distance of the longest and shortest hole? Why doesn't the course state the distance of play?

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