2011 PDGA Rules Update!

Posted by Grant on 2/18/2011 to Frisbee Golf
A very big TGIF!  This seemed to be the longest week ever.  Hope all is well for you and yours.  The Friday Minute Clinic is taking a break this week so we can update you on some of the most important changes to the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) Rules. 

Watch the video for some important changes to "holing out" including changes to what putts do and don't count.

There have been other updates to the Rulebook as well.  Here's the rundown:

Drop Zone:
Tournament Directors can designate a drop zone for lost discs to improve speed of play.

Optional Rethrow (formerly Unplayable Lie):
You need to read the specifics but essentially if your disc goes OB or misses a mando or into any hazard, you may rethrow from your previous lie with a one stroke penalty.  Permission from the group is not needed.

YOU CAN NO LONGER back up to 5m due to an "unplayable lie."  You must rethrow with a penalty from the previous lie.

Note:  You can not declare a provisional throw as your optional rethrow after the fact.  Don't try to sneak around the rules!!

Obstacles and Relief:
Important changes here.  You need to read the specifics but here is the can't move anything on the course except that which is specifically permitted by the rulebook and/or the tournament director before the tournament. 

If the permitted or "casual" item can't be moved, you have up to 5m behind the lie to play with before you would have to take the Optional Rethrow rule and your one stroke penalty.

Disc Above or Below the Playing Surface:
This terminology has been added to the Rulebook where previously it had only been a part of the Question and Answer section of the rules.

That about does it.  Consult this link to check exact wording and specifics:

See ya on the course,


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