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A Year and a Half in 5 Minutes

Posted by Grant on 6/27/2010 to General

For those that donít know, I have been growing my hair out since January of 2009.  This week I had reached the length necessary to donate (over 8 inches, mine was 9.5 to 10) to a charity organization called Children with Hair Loss.  Itís a nonprofit organization that collects hair donations and makes wigs for, you guessed it, children with hair loss, due to cancer or other causes too.  I have not had a haircut for a year and a half and in 5 minutes my wife cut it all off.  Here was the process:



Not one of my finer moments...let's move on.

All the little tails

The combined tails

After a quick trip to Fantastic Sams

After a quick trip to Fantastic Sams

And now my head is not 120 degrees when I play disc golf.

See ya on the course (but you may not recognize me),


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