Another way to play (part 1)

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Yeah yeah yeah disc golf rocks.  We all know that.  I could play any day of the week.   Good round, bad round and anything in between and still be content playing this sport.  9, 18, 27, 36, 72… however many holes suit your fancy.  Nuff said.  You get the point.  I love to play the game and so do you.

Just to spice it up a bit, try some alternative formats to keep your gameplay interesting.


Try Doubles!

Doubles-Teams are a fun choice.  There is less pressure and there can be some fun strategy involved, depending on the format.  The most common team game is played with a partner and is scored exactly the same as traditional disc golf scoring.

note: there are many variations on doubles format and on playing with a Cali.  Feel free to adapt the gameplay to make it satisfying for your group!

1.  Best Shot-Partners tee off and choose which lie to take of their own two shots.  From the chosen lie, they both make upshots.  Again, they choose one of the shots to take for their 3rd shot and so on until they hole out.

2.  Alternating Shot-Partners shoot in alternating turns, taking only one shot per team (not per player!) from each lie.  Ex: Andrew tees off for Team #1.  Andrew’s partner, Brandon, will then play Andrew’s drive for Team #1′s upshot.  Andrew will play the next shot and so on until Team #1 finishes the hole.  If Andrew putts successfully into the basket, Brandon will tee off on the next hole.

3.  Worst Shot-Beware, this is the most frustrating format for doubles.  It is played exactly like best shot, except your opponents will choose which lie that your team will play.  It can get ruthless, especially with O.B., water hazards, lost disc, etc.  A team has completed the hole once both players have completed the hole from the same lie.

*Also try Tough Shot.  Same as Worst shot, but the hole is considered finished when only one player has successfully putted in the basket.

4.  Best Disc (Best score)-essentially plays as a singles game.  Partners will take the best score on the hole as the team score.  Ex: Andrew bogeys with a 4 while Brandon pars the hole with a 3.  Andrew and Brandon’s team will write a 3 down on their scorecard.

5.  “Cali”-  Cali is a solo man’s double’s team.  WHAT?? Say you have 5 players but want to play doubles.  You can play with two teams of two players and have one player designated as the Cali.  The Cali will play alone, but will receive one extra shot(mulligan) per hole at his/her discretion with no stroke penalty.

For instance,  the Cali steps up to the tee armed with THE FORCE and bombs a backhand…straight into the rough on the left.  Cali, what were you thinking trying to make a left to right fairway with an extremely overstable driver?!?  Now would be the perfect time for the Cali to take that extra shot (mulligan).  Maybe try a Pro-D XL or something similiar that can hold an anhyzer line and finish right for you.

Lets say Mr. Cali tees off on hole two with an accurate middle of the fairway lie 20 feet from the target.  Well, Mr. Cali will probably choose to save that mulligan for a second putt should he misfire on his first attempt.

Try playing "Cali" when you're odd man out playing doubles.

Try a doubles format next time you have a chance.  You may find it to be very enjoyable!  It is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the wonderful sport of disc golf.

See ya on the course!

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