Birdie or Bust at Bear Creek - 2013

Kim Lopez out of Arlington took home the victory in the Women's Intermediate Division (FW2).  She played 40+ points above her rating.  Great job!

Jesse McKenzie was having a bad week.  With his car getting stolen just days before (and his custom self-made leather disc golf bag full of discs inside), Jesse needed some good news.  While he didn't get his car back, Jesse took home his first victory at a PDGA event winning the Men's Rec. Division (MA3).  Jesse is a member of Team Disc Golf Station and can be found helping out around the tent and at events.  His rounds actually would have tied him for the MA2 victory.  Great shooting, Jesse, time to move up!

Dusty Eubanks, also of Team Disc Golf Station, took home the win in the Intermediate Men's Division (MA2).  He shot 52 from the Shorts and 59 from the Longs to win by one stroke over a close field.

Tina Maddux won the Advanced Women's division by 3 strokes and shot very good golf all day.  Tina competes for the win just about anytime she steps on the course.

David Lasure won the Advanced Grandmasters division shooting 970 rated golf winning by 9 strokes.  He also put together the 2nd best round of the day by any competitor.  The Grandmasters (pro and am) were kicking everyone's butt today.

Brian McVickers is a regular at DGS events and won the Advanced Masters division over Jarid Payton.  Great job, Brian!

Stephen Van Riper had a great day, winning the Men's Advanced division (MA1).  He shot 105 on the day (third best total score of any competitor) and took home the victory over a solid Advanced field. 

Randy Greywoolf is a beast.  He shot a 39 in doubles with Theth Sien on Friday to win Open Doubles and he won the Pro Masters Division (he is eligible for Grandmasters...) shooting the best rounds of the day.  He shot 46 from the shorts (1016 unoffiically) and even on the Long tees.  Randy shot the lowest total score of ANY golfer.  Wow, I'm impressed!

Thoun Sien won the Open Men's division in a playoff over Scott Nelson shooting 105 on the day.  Thoun shot a strong 53 from the Longs to come back to tie Scott from a first round lead.  Thoun is a well-rounded player that has many shots in the bag and will be competitive in any competition, great job Thoun!