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Bradley Park

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Bradley Park is located in Peoria, Illinois near the campus of Bradley University in Bradley Park. Bradley Park is a unique course with the front nine located on top of a hill with the back nine on the bottom of the hill and runs parallel to a large creek which comes into play on 7 of the holes on the back nine. The front nine is relatively short but is challenging. The front nine is littered with trees which don't really present an open lane so avoiding the trees can be tough. Also, several holes on the front nine are blind tee shots and border the woods so errant drives will go into the woods (its tough to lose a disc on the front nine with the exception of number 4). The front nine has multiple pin placements with the back pin placements making the front nine much more challenging. Also note a road and parking lot run along side several holes so be careful of cars. After descending the hill the back nine has more open fairways but is much tighter. The holes are still relatively short but there are blind tee-shots and throwing a disc into the creek can result in a lost disc if the creek is high. The signature hole is number sixteen in which you throw your drive over the creek as a blind teeshot to a basket which is mere feet from a significant drop into the creek below 1 (casual par 3 close pin and 3/4 far pin) (righty hole): blind up hill tee shot with the fairway turning left (the hill is very slight) and the back pin placement is about fifty feet behind the close pin 2 (casual par 3 for close and far pin) (neutral): this is a very short hole; the short pin is a blind shot which turns right with trees on the left and woods on the right; the far pin is a strait shot but made difficult by trees on every side 3 (casual par 4 for both pins) (neutral): this hole has trees scattered throughout the fairway so finding a lane is tough. However, long throwers can reach the basket and get a deuce is they avoid the trees; hole is very flat though the road is only feet behind the basket so be careful (back pin is back and to the left from front pin) 4 (par 3 for both pins) (righty hole): very tricky par 3 which goes downhill and to the left (totally blind shot with a steep hill and woods to the left and open to the right. the basket is in a dirt pile and the disc will turn on its side and roll into the road sometimes (back pin is simply close to the road than the front) 5 (par 3 casual for short 4 for back) (lefty hole): this hole is surrounded by woods on both sides and turns uphill and to the right. the short pin is visible and at the top of the hill while the back pin continues another fifty feet or so and is in the open (not visible on drive) 6 (par 3 for both) (neutral): very short uphill par three with trees on left and right but relatively open (blind tee shot) 7 (par 4 short and par 5 long casual) (neutral): longest hole on the course; trees littered all over the hole so finding a lane is tough; there is a road and parking lot running down the left side of the hole 8 (par 3 for both) (lefty hole): multiple elevation changes with road on the left and trees obstructing the path to the hole; the short pin is located at the bottom of the hill with the road immediately to the player's left side; the back pin goes another fifty feet to the top of the hill 9 (par 4 casual for both) (neutral): another blind tee shot with trees littering the fairway making the drive very difficult; there is woods and a hill of the left side and the street is on the right (you have room to navigate to the right but the left is pretty tight) 10 (par 3 both) (neutral): this is a strait shot with the road on the right and you will go in the creek if you miss long (pretty strait forward hole) 11 (par 3 both) (righty for back pin): the close basket is a blind shot at the bottom of a hill while the far basket is visible and about fifty feet longer and to the right; there are woods on the left and the right is open so the long placement is easier for a righty throwing backhanded 12 (par 4 both casual) (righty): one of the most challenging holes on the course; woods and creek to the left and trees littered to the right though there is a lane right down the middle; the fairway turns to the left and the tee shot is blind; short pin is possible to get a deuce but the long pin is fifty feet further and close to a drop off into the creek 13 (par 3 both) (neutral): very tough hole; long par 3 with woods on both sides though the fairway is relatively open; the short pin is visible but is surrounded by trees while the back pin is not visible and is tucked into the woods near the creek (a three on the back pins is impressive) 14 (par 3 both) (neutral): very tough hole with the creek on the left and woods on the right; land down the middle though it is very tight; easy to lose a disc in the creek; back pin is about fifty feet further and to the right; good roller hole if you throw right handed 15 (par 3) (lefty): pretty easy; some trees to avoid off the tee and holes turns right and the basket is tucked behind some trees though the tee shot isn't blind 16 (par 4 casual) (righty): signature hole; updated tee box due to a road renovation allows you to throw over the creek to a blind pin; can throw it in the road so be careful; the pin is about fifteen feet from a substantial drop off down into the creek 17 (par 4 both casual) (neutral): trees littered in fairway with woods and creek on the left and road on the right; the easy pin is tucked behind trees but an easy three while the back pin is back and to the right and is a tougher three 18 (par three both) (neutral): good finishing hole; trees in the fairway but there is a lane for lefties and righties; be careful of the creek if you go long
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