Disc Golf Birthday Extravaganza

Posted by Grant on 3/11/2011 to Grant's Corner
Ok, so not really but my birthday is March 12th (Wallace's too...) and I am getting my wife to go play the disc golf with me.  My mom is going to watch the baby for a few hours tomorrow morning while Chelsea and I go out to Haslet Community Park to play disc golf together...something we haven't done in...uh...2 years. 

This is counting as a birthday gift.  I promised to not "coach" her the whole time and just let her play.  Very hard to do.  I'm a teacher, coach, disc golf enthusiast, OCD,I have OCD and controlling by nature so that's going to be tough.  But really I'm just looking forward to going out to the course with my best friend and enjoying some great disc golfin' weather.

For MY birthday, I got HER a disc golf bag with a funny name and a 150g Surge. 

Friday Minute Clinic Update.....We had shot video for a minute clinic this week but when we got inside for editing the wind noise was just too much to handle.  Remember my OCD nature...I just couldn't stand to put up a video with that "wind blowing across a microphone" sound throughout the video.  We'll get back at ya next week with a wind-free (hopefully) Friday Minute Clinic.

Go play some disc golf this weekend...and bring a friend!

Cheers, see ya on the course!


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