San Antonio Disc Club Members improve McClain Disc Golf Course

Posted by Wallace on 3/7/2011 to Disc Golf Courses
A sunny Sunday morning in February brought a baker's dozen club members from the San Antonio Disc Club to the McClain Disc Golf Course.  However these guys (and gals) set aside their morning to work at the course before enjoying it with their discs.  Hosted by Mr. Fly Ink, Dave Wimer, the crews set out to pick up trash on the course as well as to prepare select holes for upcoming additions.  Highlights from their efforts include new tee placements on hole 7, 13 and 18, and new pin placements on 8, 16, and 17.  For those not familiar with this course, it is the premier course in San Antonio and is home to many briars, brambles and other blood thirsty off-the-fairway obstacles.  These were especially fun to remove.  Glad I wore jeans! 
The day was not solely about the work.  Where there is a basket, there will be discin.  The crew finished the beautification and renovations by noon and were flipping for partners with a $5 buy in.   Here are some action shots from the guys.
Austin playing hole 16
Austin playing Hole 16
Jason and Justin teeing off on 16 and 8
Jason drives Hole 16Justin throwing tee shot on Hole 8
And last but not least,  Raul, the king of the thumbers (and tomahawks) watches his Elite-Z Flick sail high above the trees crashing down inside the 10m circle nearly 300' away
Raul throwing thumbers
A few hours of manual labor, time spent making the course better (and more challenging), friendships starting among club members new and old, and a tight random draw doubles match (Yeah Wimer and I took it :-o ) made this San Antonio Disc Club workday a success.  The Alamo Disc Series heats up again April 16 in Boerne at the Boerne City Lake Disc Golf Course for The Hill Country Throwdown.  Sign up at and bring your skills. 
In closing, your local club NEEDS you!  Get out there and spend a morning...or day...improving the course you love to play.  Most parks and rec departments don't provide adequate course maintenance to keep the course at your desired standard of excellence.  Giving a little of your time makes a difference for everybody in your area.  Your local disc golf community thanks you!

Fun practice idea and an ace!

Posted by Grant on 1/19/2011 to Disc Golf Courses

Monday, I went to Haslet Community Park for some disc golf practice and hopefully an ace.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day turned out to be that perfect, sunny, chilly-but-not-cold day.  It was around 55°F and beautiful with strong winds out of the south.


My wife and 8-month old accompanied me.  The 9-hole course at Haslet is gem.  It’s perfect for mid-range and putting practice so I decided to try a new practice idea.  So here it is:


My practice idea:


Choose a mid-range and putter combo and make them go head-to-head with as many other combos as you like.  For me, I chose the following combos from my bag and extra discs at home:




Discraft ESP Zone (technically a putter) / Gateway SSS Voodoo

Discraft Z Wasp / Discraft Pro-D Banger

Discraft ESP Meteor / Discraft Pro-D Banger

Gateway E Warrior / Gateway SS Wizard

Ching Oracle / Discraft Pro-D Ringer

Discraft Z Stalker (technically a fairway driver) / Gateway SSS Voodoo

Lightning #3 Hyzer / Discwing Crosshair


So which combo do you think would win?  (Bearing in mind that most holes are between 180 and 220 ft)  I had my money on the Zone/Voodoo Combo because I love the Zone for these types of shots and in the wind I trust the hyzer line with an overstable disc.


Before, I get to the results….the best part was on Hole 7, I tagged an ace with the #3 Hyzer.

#3 Hyzer Ace!

It was a soft but tight hyzer line that went in!  I’ve replayed the shot over in my head a hundred times since and it still excites me.  Some people are all down on aces and think they are overrated…whatever!  Getting a hole-in-one is thrilling everytime whether I threw it or not.


Well, here were the results for the 9-hole par 27:


  1. Meteor/ Banger - 22
  2. #3 Hyzer / Crosshair – 23
  3. Stalker / Voodoo – 24
  4. Warrior / Wizard – 24
  5. Zone / Voodoo - 25
  6. Wasp / Banger – 26
  7. Oracle / Ringer – 26 (Only 4 of the round was on the last hole and was because of a dinked 10 ft putt…I was almost more mad about this than I was excited about the ace…almost)


This was a lot of fun, low pressure on my mental game.  I got an ace out of the deal and I found that I can throw my Meteor, an understable mid, in the wind a lot better than I thought.


So my advice to you is this:  go find the shortest, easiest course around and make your mid/putter combos battle it out for your bag!


See ya on the course,



Fahrenheit Results and LOSO upcoming

Posted by discgolfstation on 7/18/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Nolan Grider holds off Brice Longerbone at the 2010 Fahrenheit Fling, shooting 17 down on the day.  The Pros and Intermediate guys played today (Sunday) while the Rec. and Advanced divisions played yesterday.  I play Advanced for the first time ever and didn’t die or get last, so I’m definitely pleased.  I shot higher than my rating both rounds, didn’t get too hot, got to play disc golf all day, and burned a ton of calories (much needed).

Adv/Rec. Results

Pro/Int Results

The 2010 Live Oak Summer Open is coming up this weekend.  It’s being played at Live Oak City Park and Universal City Park  Courses.  It’s going to be two rounds each day, one on each course.  LOSO is a very fun disc golf tournament and one of my favorite to play.  My brother, Wallace, and I plan on taking 1st and 2nd in Intermediate!  Ha!  We’ll see, won’t we!

See ya on the course,


UC what you want 2C

Posted by Wallace on 7/5/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

As of June 2010, Universal City Park has been redesigned with 7 new holes!  A growing concern of walkers, children, and park-goers, the holes in the multi-use area of the park were pulled and replaced with, in this writer’s opinion, much better disc golf holes.  Many many thanks to the Live Oak Disc Golf Alliance!  Although generally short, every hole presents a difficult and technical shot; hit your line or you’ll be scrambling to save your par.  With smart, strategic play you should find the course can be played under 50 for advanced players.

Here’s the rundown.

New Numbers : Old Numbers

1 : 5

2 : 6

3 : 7

4 : 8

5 : 9

6 : 10

7 : New

8 : New

9 : New

10 : New

11 : New

12 : New

13 : New

14 : 12

15 : 13

16 : 14 (Latest update of 14…not from the bridge)

17 : 15

18 : 4

Check out some pics of the new layout!


From tee to chains…is there anything so sweet?

Posted by Grant on 6/21/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Today I went out to the Haslet Community Park Disc Golf Course in Haslet, Texas.  It’s a neat little 9 hole course that is mostly open and short with a few obstacles.  Some hate courses like this but I love them for the great practice they provide.  I can work on my approach and mid-range game, which is where I usually struggle.   Ok, on to the good stuff.

I aced Hole 2 with my 173g Discraft Elite-Z Flick on a sharp hyzer line through the gap between the trees.  This is probably the most technical hole on the course (if such a thing exists at Haslet) with OB creek to the left if you overshoot.  It’s a harder-than-it-looks 200 footer with more obstacles than any other hole on the course.  This was one of those shots that you know has a chance as soon as it leaves your hand.  The beauty of those few seconds stays with you for a while.  I know I’m even more excited about disc golf now than I used to be.  Bought myself a Mountain Dew on the way home to celebrate!

Disc Golf Mountain Dew

This is what a Mountain Dew looks like.

If you have a recent ace story, let’s hear it!


Oh yes, big restock of Lightning Discs.  Added over 100 bags and over 300 discs to our inventory.

See ya on the course!