Disc Golf Practice Ideas: Part 1

Posted by Grant on 4/15/2010 to General

Sometimes you need a change of pace.  Sometimes you need a break from just “playing lots of rounds” of disc golf.  Sometimes you, no – WE, need to actually practice.  When I first started playing, the concept of actually practicing rather than always playing was non-existent.  I figured I would just play a lot and eventually get better.  I will practice my putting via all of the disc golf I played.  It’s kinda like saying “I’ll work on my free throws when I get fouled in the game.”

But practicing is boring and disc golf is fun.  Yes, I understand the dilemma.  Here’s the first idea to help you practice while maximizing the fun factor.  (Besides at the end of the day, being better at disc golf is fun…)

Really Great Idea #1: The Two Disc Round

First off, make a buddy do this with you.  Choose your favorite putter and mid-range disc, you will play the round with ONLY these two discs, hence the name.  Go to whatever course you want but you can only use those two discs.  For me, it’s  a Pro-D Banger and an ESP Buzzz.

One round like this every other month will keep you grounded.  Expect to learn your discs very well.  You may be surprised at how far you can throw your putter and mid-range and the different lines that you can get but otherwise wouldn’t try if X or Y disc was in your bag.  The first thing that I noticed was that I can use putters and mid-ranges MUCH more often than I used to.  Ideally, you could always use a very slow, easily-controlled disc for every shot.  Well, if you work on expanding the utility of your slowest, straightest discs, you will see a difference in your game.  Seriously, why would you use a high speed, overstable, maximum distance driver for a 200 ft open hole?  Even small arms can push that mid-range out near the 200 foot mark.  Try me!

Now, feel free to get creative but I like the putter/mid-range combo because it will emphasize control, accuracy, and throwing smooth.  It forces you not to overwork your discs, like I’m in the habit of doing. (Hey just boom it man!…not good disc golf philosophy usually…)  Ok, get out there and try it, let me know if you see a difference.

See ya on the course!


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