Disc Golf School Program

Disc Golf School Support Program

If you are looking to start a disc golf program at your school, let us know and Disc Golf Station will donate $250 (Retail) of disc golf discs (we are also able to help with Ultimate).  Just send us a message here

Disc Golf Station is proud to support and grow the disc golf community.  If you are trying to get your school to add disc golf to its sports programming then be sure to let the "powers that be" aware of our offer.

Disc Golf Station has made numerous donations to disc golf clubs throughout the US and internationally.  We are very anxious to realize disc golf as a mainstream sport, so please take advantage of our Disc Golf at School Support Program!

Let Us Know!

UPDATE:  Due to the overwhelming requests from school officials to participate, we will be reducing the amount to a $150 donation of discs.  Also, please note that you will be added to a waiting list with the other schools and will be notified in the order that you sent in your request.  Thank you!