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Posted by discgolfstation on 1/9/2010 to

I’m writing this a little over an hour before the Cowboys take on the Eagles (again) in the Wildcard Weekend of the NFL Playoffs.  Let’s go ‘Boys!

Here’s what’s going on at

  1. We now carry the Original NutSac Disc Golf Bag and the Double NutSac for those that need a few more discs.  Funny name, serious bag!  They are high-quality, heavy-duty, American-made, awesome bags!

    NutSac Disc Golf Bag

    NutSac Disc Golf Bag

  2. We have picked up quite a few things from Disc Player Sports.  The Stash Mini and Disc Player Disc Golf Bag are two of our favorites!

    Disc Player Stash Mini

    Disc Player Stash Mini

  3. We are hard at work on our course locator.  Our goal is to have it completely finished, operational, and live on by February 1st.  We know you are excited!
  4. We have got some great videos coming your way this month as well.  We are going to be filming ourselves USING our discs so that you can see them (not us) in action.  Have you ever wondered how this disc or that disc ACTUALLY performs…well we’re going to show you.
  5. We have recently restocked all of our Lightning products.
  6. We have a restock of Discraft Discs on the way as well!

Ok, now back to the Jets/Bengals pregame show….let’s go Cowboys!

Hoping for better weather…see ya on the course!


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