Disc Golf Station Videos - Discs Demonstrations

Disc Golf Station Videos - Disc Demonstrations
Ever wondered how this disc or that disc flies?  Well, we are setting out to film all of our discs in motion so you can check them out before you buy.  Just one more reason why Disc Golf Station is becoming your best resource for everything disc golf.

Discraft Flash Video

Check out one of Discraft's best distance drivers: Elite-Z Flash, ESP Flash, Elite-Z Flash Fly Dyed

Discraft Meteor Video

The Discraft Meteor is a mid-range golf disc that needs to find a place in your bag.  It's perfect for beginners or advanced players. 

Discraft Zone Video

The Discraft Zone is one of my favorite putt and approach discs and is probably the most dependable disc in my bag.  It is my go to disc for upshots.  Try out the Pro-D Zone as well as the ESP Zone.

Lightning #1 Hyzer (Z-1) Video

The #1 Hyzer is fast and overstable with great grip.  It's predictable and dependable.  Try out the #1 Hyzer.