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Texas High School Disc Golf Championships

Posted by Grant on 5/9/2011 to Disc Golf Tournaments
If you don't live in Texas you may not understand the emphasis placed on high school sports.  Of course, in Texas, football is king and will continue to reign for years to come with no end in sight.  Winning a state title (in any sport) is a huge accomplishment in Texas, the second most populated state in the Union.  The pride of such an achievement will follow a person for a lifetime.
Disc Golf is not currently organized by the athletic/academic/activity organizing body of Texas, the UIL, or the University Interscholastic League.  High school students do not have the option to play disc golf "for" their high school...until now!UIL Disc Golf!
Tournament Director Matt Ryan started the Texas High School Disc Golf Championships for this very purpose.  The tournament (a PDGA sanctioned, C-Tier event) is this weekend, May 13-14th at Coleman Park Disc Golf Course in Brownfield, TX.  While students won't be competing for a UIL state championship, they are competing for bragging rights of Individual State Champ as well as the team title.
Here's how it works:
Friday: Meet and Greet, Practice rounds welcome
Saturday: Two rounds of 18, lunch provided in between.  Girls play from short tees, boys from longs.
Individual Championship:
Medals will be awarded to the top 5 overall lowest score totals for boys and girls. 
Team Championship:
High school teams will consist of a minimum of 5 players and up to 10 players.  The lowest 5 score totals for the day will be combined for each team.  Lowest total stroke count will win you the Texas High School Team Championship Trophy!
For more details, contact Matt Ryan.  Here's the flyer and entry form: http://web.me.com/matthewtryan/Site/TexasHSDGC.html
Will Disc Golf ever make it into the high schools?
All of this got me thinking....if disc golf were offered at my high school, would I have played?  What would that have looked like?  It's fun to think about.  I think it would be so awesome if we got disc golf in our schools.  It's safer than almost every other sport and FAR less expensive. 
In an era of waning state funding, disc golf could be an alternative.  Will it happen...well, probably not.  Can it happen? Absolutely!  But it will take A LOT of information to be presented to the right people. 
The Texas High School Disc Golf Championships is a step in the right direction in getting disc golf integrated in Texas schools.  It's not the end goal but rather progress made in expanding this great sport and making it more accessible to more people, especially the youth!
See ya on the course,

San Antonio Disc Club Members improve McClain Disc Golf Course

Posted by Wallace on 3/7/2011 to Disc Golf Courses
A sunny Sunday morning in February brought a baker's dozen club members from the San Antonio Disc Club to the McClain Disc Golf Course.  However these guys (and gals) set aside their morning to work at the course before enjoying it with their discs.  Hosted by Mr. Fly Ink, Dave Wimer, the crews set out to pick up trash on the course as well as to prepare select holes for upcoming additions.  Highlights from their efforts include new tee placements on hole 7, 13 and 18, and new pin placements on 8, 16, and 17.  For those not familiar with this course, it is the premier course in San Antonio and is home to many briars, brambles and other blood thirsty off-the-fairway obstacles.  These were especially fun to remove.  Glad I wore jeans! 
The day was not solely about the work.  Where there is a basket, there will be discin.  The crew finished the beautification and renovations by noon and were flipping for partners with a $5 buy in.   Here are some action shots from the guys.
Austin playing hole 16
Austin playing Hole 16
Jason and Justin teeing off on 16 and 8
Jason drives Hole 16Justin throwing tee shot on Hole 8
And last but not least,  Raul, the king of the thumbers (and tomahawks) watches his Elite-Z Flick sail high above the trees crashing down inside the 10m circle nearly 300' away
Raul throwing thumbers
A few hours of manual labor, time spent making the course better (and more challenging), friendships starting among club members new and old, and a tight random draw doubles match (Yeah Wimer and I took it :-o ) made this San Antonio Disc Club workday a success.  The Alamo Disc Series heats up again April 16 in Boerne at the Boerne City Lake Disc Golf Course for The Hill Country Throwdown.  Sign up at http://www.discgolfstation.com/2011-Hill-Country-Throwdown-Registration_p_3350.html and bring your skills. 
In closing, your local club NEEDS you!  Get out there and spend a morning...or day...improving the course you love to play.  Most parks and rec departments don't provide adequate course maintenance to keep the course at your desired standard of excellence.  Giving a little of your time makes a difference for everybody in your area.  Your local disc golf community thanks you!

BMO 2010 is now in the books!

Posted by Grant on 10/12/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments
The 2010 Bryan McClain Open was a huge success.  Great weather and people (almost 80 competitors) made the tough McClain course a perfect way to spend a Saturday in San Antonio.  With temperatures mostly in the 70s and topping out in the low 80s, you couldn't ask for more, especially when compared to the mudfest from last year's BMO. 
Congrats to Lisle Updike for edging out Phil Morgan in the Open Men's and to Danielle Vargas for another victory in the Open Women's Division.  Lisle posted two 1000+ rated rounds to finish at 6 under par on a challenging, heavily wooded course. 
Jerry Perez took the Masters Division win over Anthony Pugh while Ernie Hernandez took a one-stroke victory over Wayne Dillen in the Advanced Masters Division.  Kristina Gold, Terri Ordner, and Mary Castillo notched wins in the Advanced, Intermediate, and Rec. Women's Divisions respectively. 
The Advanced Men's Competition saw an exciting playoff win by Scott Hougland over Brandon Tull.  Both finished the 36-hole tourney in an impressive 106 strokes (2 under par).  Scott also posted the hot round of the 2010 BMO in the first round with a 49, unofficially a 1024 rated round.  Boo-yah!
Kris Hartley won the Intermediate Men's Division decisively over Raul Originales whereas Dave Wimer won a closer contest over James Teninty in Rec. Mens.
Can't wait to play Oh Say Can UC next month at Universal City Park in Universal City.
Thanks SADC for another great tourney and for everyone that stopped by the Disc Golf Station tent to chat, purchase, and/or touch our discs. 
See ya on the course,

Bryan McClain Open Coming up October 9th

Posted by Grant on 9/19/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments
Get signed up for the 2010 Bryan McClain Open at McClain Park in San Antonio, a part of the 2010 Alamo Disc Series sponsored by www.DiscGolfStation.com.  The "BMO" is a fun-filled, one-day "C" Tier disc golf tournament that promises strong competition from the locals and some out of towners too.  The course is undergoing improvements thanks to the good folks in the San Antonio Disc Club and the local disc golf community.  These guys have put in many hours to McClain to make it as good as possible for the tourney. 
Disc Golf Station will be at the BMO with discs and equipment available for purchase.  I haven't played more than 2 rounds in a week in months thanks to the little man that now lives at my house but I plan on doing well myself in the Intermediate division.  I'm hoping the heavily wooded fairways will keep everyone else in check while I play smart and play for 3s.  There are only a few birdie runs (from the concrete tees) in my opinion, I will go after those but everything else is par golf/avoid the bogey kind of golf. 
Get signed up over at www.titledisc.com.  Players packs (including a Stash-Mini from Disc Golf Station for the first 50 people) will be available only for pre-registered players.  Can't wait to see all the San Antonio peeps again! 
See ya on the course (and at the BMO!),

Fahrenheit Results and LOSO upcoming

Posted by discgolfstation on 7/18/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Nolan Grider holds off Brice Longerbone at the 2010 Fahrenheit Fling, shooting 17 down on the day.  The Pros and Intermediate guys played today (Sunday) while the Rec. and Advanced divisions played yesterday.  I play Advanced for the first time ever and didn’t die or get last, so I’m definitely pleased.  I shot higher than my rating both rounds, didn’t get too hot, got to play disc golf all day, and burned a ton of calories (much needed).

Adv/Rec. Results

Pro/Int Results

The 2010 Live Oak Summer Open is coming up this weekend.  It’s being played at Live Oak City Park and Universal City Park  Courses.  It’s going to be two rounds each day, one on each course.  LOSO is a very fun disc golf tournament and one of my favorite to play.  My brother, Wallace, and I plan on taking 1st and 2nd in Intermediate!  Ha!  We’ll see, won’t we!

See ya on the course,


2010 Fahrenheit Fling at Veteran’s Park

Posted by discgolfstation on 7/16/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments

So, I’ve signed myself up to get brutalized by the Advanced Division for the first time.  This weekend, the Fahrenheit Fling tricks otherwise rational disc golfers into playing all day in the Texas summer sun and heat.  The 36-hole tournament is being held at Veteran’s Park in Arlington, Texas.  This silly clip art doesn’t do it justice, I assure you. 

(Was going for an old cowboy that was really hot from the summer sun...searching for "hot cowboy" in Google is not a good idea...)

Anyways, I’m not really ready for the Advanced division yet but due to scheduling, I’m going to go for it this weekend.  The Advanced and Recreational divisions will play two rounds on Saturday while the Pro/Open and Intermediate groups will play Sunday.  I can’t play on Sunday so I was left with Advanced or Rec. 

Although my rating might tell you otherwise, playing Rec. at this point is not getting me anywhere.  The Advanced division however will be quite a step up in competition.  My goal is to not get last.  To not look terrible.  To not fall down from being nervous.  To not suck.  Honestly, I don’t care if I get last so long as I play my best. 

I’ll let everyone know how good or bad this turns out next week…until then, please hold candlelight vigils and prayer meetings for my poor ego.  I’m not sure if my pride is going to make it!

See ya on the course,


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a disc!

Posted by Wallace on 5/6/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Actually plenty of golf discs and numerous flyovers from nearby Lackland Air Force Base made last Saturday a blast at the San Antonio Open.  The event marked the 3rd outing in the Alamo Disc Series hosted by the San Antonio Disc Club, presented by Disc Golf Station.  Aside from some sporadic winds, the day was beautiful and perfect for some discin.  Standing water from recent flash floods added extra O.B. challenges, and wildflower growth created some very narrow fairways on a few holes.  The gameplay wasn’t affected, however, thanks to johnny-on-the-spot TD Scott Hougland who implemented last minute spotting regulations.  And to top off the day, yours truly won the Ace Pot throw off after the second round. :-D

Points Leaders in the Series to date:

Open Men – Pete Lopez

Advanced Men – Marcos Castillo

Intermediate Men – Joel Santrock

Recreational Men – Mike Morales

Look for the next qualifier for the Series finale down in Gonzales on August 21, 2010, hosted by Third Coast.

Disc is how we do it!

How the Throwdown was thrown

Posted by Grant on 4/7/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Last Saturday, 85 players met at Boerne City Lake Park for the 2nd Annual Hill Country Throwdown in Boerne, TX.  This was the 2nd event in the Alamo Disc Series, hosted by the San Antonio Disc Club and sponsored by Disc Golf Station.  A gorgeous day, clean fairways, 9 killer temp holes, triathletes, casual lake-goers, and a fair amount of wind (okay a lot of wind) gives you an idea of the gameplay.  Aside from that, EZs graciously donated burgers for the players as part of the players pack.  Local Ernie “One Shot” held down the grill (and the smack talking) all day.  Complete with CTP, ring of fire, and Kan Jam, the fun factor for the tournament was really high.

Jayson Houston came out with top honors in Open, besting Pete Lopez, Nick Rowton, and Joe Rotan who came in a three-way tie for 2nd place.  Houston also moves into 1st place in the series point totals.  Sherman Griffin won the Advanced Men after a short playoff with Marcos Castillo although Castillo maintained a solid lead in the point totals.  Other winners include Charlie Chittum (Intermediate Men), Mike Morales (Recreational Men), and Andi Griffin (Recreational Women).

We had a flymart set up selling some new gear just in from Gateway Disc Sports.  Check back on our site soon as we will have lots of Gateway products up for you to get your paws on.  All in all the day was a blast.  Hey all you whities out there, put on some sun screen!!!!  Unless you wanna be a lobster like me.

A great day of competitive disc golf was made complete at Chachos in San Antonio.  The Disc Golf Station Crew devoured a plate of Monster Kong Nachos over a few beverages.  The pictures are from a phone and do no justice to the horrific amount of food that we consumed.


30 minutes later…

After (mmm)

Disc is how we do it!

I’m excited about disc golf right now.

Posted by Grant on 3/30/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Reason #1:

Last Saturday, I hit my 7th ace!  It was a beautiful shot with a pink, 173g Discraft Elite-Z Wasp on Hole 5 at North Park in Haltom City.  Hole 5 is only 220 ft but features a soft hyzer route that has two trees guarding the last 30 feet of your flight path to the basket.  You either have to zing it straight in or plan on your disc fading hard left to get around the arboles.  I chose the “straight in” option.  After a “go baby go” to help it go in I let out a holler and enjoyed the rest of my day because of a few special seconds of watching a golf disc fly.

Reason #2:

Disc Golf Station now carries Gateway Discs.  We are very pleased to announce it here first!  Within a week, you will be able to purchase great products from Gateway including some of the best putters on the market.  The discs are currently on their way from Missouri.  Can’t wait!

Reason #3:

We get to play a tournament this weekend.  Looking forward to the Hill Country Throwdown.  If you haven’t signed up, do it now!  See you in Boerne!

See ya on the course!


Are you ready to THROWDOWN?

Posted by Grant on 3/16/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

It’s time for The  Hill Country Throwdown, the 2nd event in the San Antonio Disc Club’s 2010 Alamo Disc Series, presented by Disc Golf Station.  This 36 hole event will be held at the scenic Boerne City Lake Park in Boerne, TX on April 3, 2010.  A John Houck design, this difficult par 3o, 9 hole will be expanded with 9 temp holes.  The Throwdown schedule is as follows:


7:30 AM – 8:30 AM     Late Registrations

8:45 AM                       Player’s Meeting

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM   Round 1 (18 holes)

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM    Lunch

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM      Round 2 (18 holes)

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM      Games & Awards


Open $40

Advanced $30

Intermediate $25

Recreational $20

Optional $5 Ace Pot

This is C-Tier PDGA sanctioned event, non-PDGA members must pay $10 non-member fee.

You had better register soon online at www.titledisc.com to ensure your spot.  This event is filling up fast!

For any questions, contact tournament director Scott Hougland.  ScottHougland@hotmail.com

If you haven’t played Boerne, you are in for a treat.  Check out a few of the pics from the course!

We’ll be out there with our gear all day, so whether you play or not, come get some new disc golf equipment.   If you haven’t picked up the Discraft Nuke, we still have a few First Runs.  They’re going fast!  Get one now and let ‘er rip out on Houck’s par 4′s in Boerne.

See ya on the course!

Nightmares can come true!

Posted by Wallace on 1/19/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments

Last Saturday, a field of 50 players converged midday at San Antonio’s Nani Falcone Park to compete in the first of five qualifiers in The Alamo Disc Series, presented by Disc Golf Station.  Aptly titled “Nightmare at Nani,” the course featured 9 temporary holes, abundant out-of-bounds, island holes, re-tee holes, leftover rainwaters, and gusty winds that transformed an easy nine-holer into a challenging and frustrating round.  And that was just the first round played in the daytime. 

As the sun fell, players took a break to grab dinner, shake off the shame of their snowmen and hockey sticks, fix their discs with glow sticks or charge their glow discs.  Thankfully, the wind subsided during the night round, and the T.D. removed O.B. penalties.  These two factors alone saw most players shooting much better despite playing in the dark.  I have to say, if there’s anything cooler than watching a disc in flight, it may  be watching one light up the sky at night.

Tomas Sandaval of New Mexico beat out locals Jayson Houston and Orlando Perieda for the Open Men’s victory.  Leading Advanced Men, Intermediate Men, and Recreational Men was Marcos Castillo, Joel Santrock, and Mike Morales, respectively.  Lena Ayala took the top spot in Intermediate Women.  The action wouldn’t have been complete without some great CTP and Ring of Fire competitions, both played in the dark.  Particularly interesting was the Ring of Fire with 50 glowing putters hitting a central target.  Some great prizes were offered from Disc Golf Station, Jerry’s Cherries, Title Disc, Fly Ink (awesome dyes from local artist and player Dave Wimer).

Check back for updates on the next events in The Alamo Disc Series!

Disc is how we do it!

USDGC Results and end of Review Promotion

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 10/13/2009 to Disc Golf Tournaments

Nikko Locastro wins the 2009 United States Disc Golf Championships, overtaking veteran Dave Feldberg in the last round!  This is Nikko’s first win of this magnitude and is sure to be remembered by the disc golf community, especially because of the increased visibility and internet coverage of the event.  Feldberg held on for 2nd, Josh Anthon had a course record 53 (-15) on the last round to rocket into 3rd while Nate Doss hangs on to the 4th spot.

Nikko Locastro wins the 2009 United States Disc Golf Championships

Nikko Locastro wins the 2009 United States Disc Golf Championships

Disc Golf Station Review Promotion Ends October 15

Just a heads up- the review promotion ends in three days at midnight on October 15.  It’s pretty simple, write a product review and get entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to Disc Golf Station.  Click here for more details or if you need to know how to write a review on our site.

United States Disc Golf Championships this week!

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 10/6/2009 to Disc Golf Tournaments

The 2009 United States Disc Golf Championships start in a little over 24 hours on Wednesday October 7th.  The action takes place at the renowned Winthrop University Recreational Complex in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Almost 200 of the world’s top disc golfers will meet at this year’s championships; the professionals come from all over the United States, Europe, and as far away as Japan.

US Disc Golf Championships

US Disc Golf Championships

Some of the top names to look out for include the defending US Champ Nate Doss and the current World Champ Avery Jenkins.  Long time veterans such as Ken Climo, Barry Schultz, and Dave Feldberg will always be a factor, not to mention the newer names such as Josh Anthon and Nikko Locastro-both are coming off of high finishes from this year’s Worlds.  Josh was just a breath away from overtaking Jenkins at Worlds and will surely be looking to finish the job here at the USDGC.

Watch the USDGC Live on the Internet

Click on the picture to register to watch all the action online.  Do it now….like you can’t spare some time at work to watch some awesome disc golf!

Watch the 2009 USDGC online!

Watch the 2009 USDGC online!

When you’re done with that go to Disc Golf Station and stock up on some great discs.  We’ve got a promotion going right now on Lightning Discs-buy 3 Lightning Discs and you automatically save $3.  Check out our Promotions page for more details!

See ya on the course,


Discing for A Cure

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 9/2/2009 to Disc Golf Tournaments

Wallace and I (Grant) went out to the Discing for A Cure tournament held at Lake Lewisville in Lewisville, Texas this past weekend.  It was a C Tier PDGA sanctioned event that benefitted prostate cancer research.  The TD said there was about $1500 raised!  There was a good turnout with around 77 people competing. 

J.D. Ramirez took home another 1st place in the Open Division.  He also just bumped up his rating to 1011.  J.D. is a class act and a great competitor, congrats on another great win!

If you’ve never been out to Lake Lewisville, it’s a fun course with lots of challenge, variety.  You will need all shots in your bag for this course.  While presenting potential tree-jections on most holes, if you’re accurate you can hit par RELATIVELY easy.  So, that counts me out!  Ha!

Here’s a link to the results: 2009 Discing for A Cure-Lewisville  Results

2009 Discing For A Cure Lewisville

2009 Discing For A Cure Lewisville

Here is a shot of Hole 8′s Putting Green.  Many holes at Lake park have a defined putting green, pretty cool.

Hole 8 Lake Park

Hole 8 Lake Park

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