Disc Golf (and other) thoughts

Posted by Grant on 1/4/2010 to General

Disc Golf Thought

I’m so excited for the new year and a fresh outlook on disc golf.  I’ve really been working on getting a good pull back on my drives.  I’ve always short-armed or at best managed a three-quarter pull back.  After just a few tries, I drove my Nuke over 400 ft on hole 4 at North Park.  This was my wake up call…what am I waiting on…so – next time you see me on the course, if I’m not pulling back you slap my stupid face!

Slap me silly if I don't start pulling back!

Non-Disc Golf Thought

I want to read 52 books this year.  Last year was a down year for my personal reading.  In 2009, I only read 23 books at an average of 283 pages/book.  This came out to 17.83 pages a day.  Compare that to 2008 where I read 44 books, 231 pages/book, and 27.9 pages a day.  Gotta make more time to read.  Reading is an escape, a learning experience, a journey, a personal time of solace, and an intake of culture, history, and countless perspectives all rolled into one.

Back to the Golf di Frisbee

I enjoyed meeting some fellow players from DG Course Review at Arcadia Park in Fort Worth for a draw doubles mini on January 2nd.  It was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing disc golf with these guys again.  Supposedly, we’re playing at North Park this weekend but with temperatures in the teens as they predict, my warm blood might stay inside.

Non-Disc Golf

The Dallas Cowboys are on fire!  They finally fixed their December woes and look to be one of the favorites heading into the playoffs.  Now what they REALLY have to do is WIN a playoff game.  No more flopping down the stretch ‘Boys…let’s go!

Go 'Boys!

Final Disc Golf Thinkings

This year is going to be huge for disc golf.  Make sure you renew your PDGA Membership (or get one for the first time)!  Join a club, play minis, play sanctioned tourneys, invite your friends and family to play, and keep having fun!

See ya on the course!


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