Disc Golf over Thanksgiving Part Deux

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 12/3/2009 to Disc Golf Courses

Okay here are some more pics from disc golf with family and friends over Thanksgiving.

North Park in Haltom City, Texas

North Park Haltom City, Texas: Hole 1 Fairway

Fairway to Hole 1-500 ft through the trees, hope you got a roller...

Wind through the trees for a few holes then come up on a great little ace run on 5.

North Park Hole 5

Brother's upshot on 5.

Fast forward through more tight, well-treed holes to 11.  It’s a signature hole with a raised basket.  Tough ace but doable birdie.  The problem is that unless you’re 15 ft out on your drive you are putting 10 ft in the air…Risk meet reward…

Disc golf at North Park Hole 11

From tee looking down to an elevated basket with plenty of trees to get in the way.

And the drive by yours truly…

Smooth drive on 11

I'm not always this smooth...

Hey, there.  Ever wondered how to lose a golf disc?  Why not throw it into a den of beasts?  Great idea you say?  Well, let’s try it out…

Lucky Hole 13

13 is unlucky for my brother's disc...we did NOT chase after this one. That dog didn't stop barking at me, the one with the disc didn't stop nomming for a good 10 minutes.

And we will conclude this journey with a shot from Hole 5 at Bear Creek in Grapevine, Texas.

Hole 5 Bear Creek

Yours truly demonstrating some Gumby form. This drive just barely stayed under the limbs to make it out in the open fairway and an easy up for 3.

Exciting things to come from Disc Golf Station.

Until then….see ya on the course!


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