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Discraft just took it to the next level. Titanium is the newest line from Discraft; a best-of-both-worlds combination of Elite-Z and ESP.  More grip and durability than ever before.  Not to mention the discs are unique and B-U-tiful.  Check out some samples:

Compare to other Discraft Discs in your bag:

Titanium Comparison
Titanium Comparison

Currently released models are the Ti Buzzz and the Ti Stalker.  Other models to be run in Titanium Plastic and released in the coming months: Ti Force and Ti Nuke.  Throw Titanium!

Discraft Hornet

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Have you thrown the new Discraft Hornet yet? I first threw this disc during the 2010 Ace Race event held at Live Oak City Park last September, and immediately found a use for it in my bag. It's a fast, overstable midrange disc with a low profile. Discraft Elite-Z Hornet Mid-Range Disc
Although it is in between the Drone and the Wasp in flight, it feels more akin to the Buzzz in the hand. The 2.0 stability rating gives you plenty of freedom to let 'er rip without fear of turning it over. I recently played the Nightmare at Nani in San Antonio on a very windy afternoon and successfully used this for short drives and upshots. It's great to be able to trust your midrange in windy conditions. Thrown flat, the Hornet will fly straight with fade as it slows down. Thrown with hyzer, you can get a solid skip when it hits. The Hornet is also great for short hyzer spike shots.
Available in the extremely durable Elite-Z plastic line, the Discraft Hornet and it's Ace Race predecessors are ready and approved for PDGA play.
Disc demonstration videos coming soon!

Discraft Zone Video

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We're starting another huge project (see Course Locator for ongoing-neverending-time consuming project #1) with our Disc Demonstration Videos.  Our goal is to eventually film all, yes all, of our discs in flight.  The idea is that it might be nice to see the disc in motion before you buy.  We'll show you the flight characteristics and some intended uses for the discs.  Hopefully, it will help you with discs you've never seen, thrown or heard of before.

The Discraft Zone is the next disc we've filmed and the first putter.  Real quick, the Zone is my favorite approach disc, backhand and forehand.  It's very overstable and has a low-profile which makes it easy to throw.  Check out the video and then go buy a few!

Gateway now at Disc Golf Station!

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Gateway Discs

If you haven’t seen our selection of Gateway Disc Sports products, get your head outta the sand (or shule) and check it out!  Gateway offers a full line of original and innovative discs, striving for unique molds rather than copies of existing ones.  Designed with the advanced player in mind, fast, overstable drivers, low profile mids that fit in the hand like a distance driver, and some of (if not the best) putters on the market will find their way into your bag.  While advanced players will love the stability, newer players alike will find discs like the Apache, Element, and Magic great choices to try.

Don’t forget our latest promotion only last for a few more days…spend $40 or more and receive a FREE Gateway X-Out disc.  These discs have slight cosmetic flaws and/or misprinted stamps, but they fly just like a full price discs.  Yours free with a $40 purchase!

Disc is how we do it!

Discraft Nuke and Focus are now in!

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Just in time for the holidays comes the newest products from Discraft, the world’s leader in disc sports!!!

The Discraft ESP Nuke:

The New ESP Nuke from Discraft

Discraft’s ESP Nuke is a brand new high speed, wide-rimmed, far-flying distance driver.  With an stability rating of 1.6, it is overstable enough to handle tons of snap without turning over but not too much so that you lose the distance.  The feel in the hand is similar to a Force, but not as overstable during flight.  Get one while quantities last.  Only 1000 were made for this first run, a fundraiser for the 2010 Discraft Memorial Championships!

Then there was the FOCUS:

The new Pro-D Focus

The Focus (0.5) fills a gap between the Challengers and Bangers (1.0) and the APX, Magnet, and Putt’r (0).  This stability offers a straighter flight than the overstable Challenger, but holds its line through the wind better than the Magnets.  The feels similar in the hand to a Challenger, but has a bigger bead along the bottom edge-more like a Banger.   Initially released as a prototype for the 2009 Discraft Ace Race Series, The Focus has gained great popularity among players of all skill levels.  It comes in two great lines, the affordable Pro-D line and the sweet Soft version of the Elite-X.  I personally like putting with Pro-D because the grip is great even when wet.  Either choice is the right choice because the Focus is going to be a great putter for you.

The Soft Focus from Discraft

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