Discraft Zone Video

Posted by Grant on 12/6/2010 to Disc Videos
We're starting another huge project (see Course Locator for ongoing-neverending-time consuming project #1) with our Disc Demonstration Videos.  Our goal is to eventually film all, yes all, of our discs in flight.  The idea is that it might be nice to see the disc in motion before you buy.  We'll show you the flight characteristics and some intended uses for the discs.  Hopefully, it will help you with discs you've never seen, thrown or heard of before.

The Discraft Zone is the next disc we've filmed and the first putter.  Real quick, the Zone is my favorite approach disc, backhand and forehand.  It's very overstable and has a low-profile which makes it easy to throw.  Check out the video and then go buy a few!

New Discraft Meteor video

Posted by Grant on 11/30/2010 to Disc Videos
Check out our latest Disc Demonstration video of the Discraft Meteor.  The Meteor is honestly fun to throw.  FUN.  You can back off the power and watch your accuracy increase.  Sometimes it's nice not slinging all of my drives.  You just line up, throw 3/4 power on a little hyzer and you got yourself a dead straight 250 shot.  Throw it higher, a little harder, and a little more hyzer and it'll go 300 feet.

And without further ado...