Discraft ESP Buzzz Fly-Dyed Mid-Range Golf Disc
The ESP Buzzz looks so cool Fly-Dyed!
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Discraft ESP Buzzz Fly-Dyed Mid-Range Golf Disc

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Discraft has discontinued all ESP Fly-Dyes.  If they ever come back into production we will let you know!

The Buzzz has been described as the "best all around golf disc" and with good reason.  It flies like you tell it, it's great for all ability levels, and is sure to reside in your bag for seasons to come.  The ESP plastic is the best combination of grip and durability and has never looked so cool!  The Fly-Dyed Buzzzes are unique and differ greatly from disc to disc.  Your Buzzz will look even better headed toward the basket.  There is something truly awesome about watching a dyed disc slow down and hit the ground.  See for yourself!

Want the ultimate paint job?  Try the SuperColor Buzzz!
Need a pinch more distance?  Fly-Dyed Stalker baby!


Discraft 12-Disc Disc Golf Bag
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