Discraft Elite-X Cyclone Driver - Fly Dyed
Discraft Elite-X Cyclone Fly-Dyed - Dyes are unique and vary greatly!
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Discraft Elite-X Cyclone Driver - Fly Dyed

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Note: (11-17-12) Discraft has discontinued all Fly-Dyes in Elite-X plastic until further notice, possibly forever.  If they are run again, we will have them.  Sorry guys!  The Discraft Cyclone is a high-utility, fairway driver that will save you strokes!  It's easy to throw and very predictable.  Spice up your game with a Fly-Dyed Cyclone in Elite-X plastic.  The (1.0) stability means you can throw it straight with less effort, or push it right with more arm speed.  Grab one today!
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