Discraft Hornet

Posted by Wallace on 1/10/2011 to Disc Reviews
Have you thrown the new Discraft Hornet yet? I first threw this disc during the 2010 Ace Race event held at Live Oak City Park last September, and immediately found a use for it in my bag. It's a fast, overstable midrange disc with a low profile. Discraft Elite-Z Hornet Mid-Range Disc
Although it is in between the Drone and the Wasp in flight, it feels more akin to the Buzzz in the hand. The 2.0 stability rating gives you plenty of freedom to let 'er rip without fear of turning it over. I recently played the Nightmare at Nani in San Antonio on a very windy afternoon and successfully used this for short drives and upshots. It's great to be able to trust your midrange in windy conditions. Thrown flat, the Hornet will fly straight with fade as it slows down. Thrown with hyzer, you can get a solid skip when it hits. The Hornet is also great for short hyzer spike shots.
Available in the extremely durable Elite-Z plastic line, the Discraft Hornet and it's Ace Race predecessors are ready and approved for PDGA play.
Disc demonstration videos coming soon!

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