Double Your Fun!

Posted by Administrator on 3/25/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
Enjoying the warmer weather?  I know I am...except that here in Texas that means Summer is approximately 2 weeks away.

Today's Minute Clinic quickly shows you four great ways to play doubles in disc golf.  Playing with a teammate makes disc golf more fun!  My brother and I will also play doubles anytime we are both tired and not really "feelin it."  It means maximum fun factor.  Usually the last round of a long weekend of disc golf will be doubles.  We'll see how low we can go.

Last weekend for example, Wallace and I finished our weekend at Universal City Park with a hot 44 round of doubles.  Even inside the round we had room to improve.  We could see that 39 or 40 was not THAT impossible.  This was "Best Shot" of course...I don't want to think about what "Worst Shot" would have been...[shutters]

Anyways, check out four different ways to mix it up with some doubles disc golf:

Any way you slice it, doubles will make disc golf more fun, especially in groups.  There's nothing better than two good teams battling out for who doesn't have to buy dinner!

See ya on the course,


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