Fade Bags and Backpack Straps Restocked

Posted by Grant on 10/22/2010 to General
Hey you disc golf crazies.  Just wanted to let you know we restocked our Fade Gear Bags.  Which one is right for you? 
If you're on a budget or just don't want to carry two-dozen discs  around, try the Fade Gear Lite Disc Golf Bag.  For your medium sized bag, look no further than the Crunch Box.  This bag holds a few more than the Lite Bag, has a few more amenities, and is backpack strap ready.  If you are playing tournaments, or just like to haul all your best and brightest around, get your hands on a Fade Gear Tourney Bag.  Personally, I used the Fade Tourney Bag for all rounds.  I like to have everything I need to play the game and be able to stuff a bunch of other junk in my bag too.  And of course it's backpack strap ready. 
And speaking of straps:
Fade Gear Straps
The good guys over at Fade Gear developed a backpack strap system that also has a WeatherGuard.  There is a built in a rainfly that can be pulled down to cover your bag from the weather.  It even covers the bottom of your bag so that when you set it down on the ground, it doesn't come back soggy.  Sweet!
If you want Freakin' Awesome Disc Equipment, then you need to check FADE Gear out now!
See ya on the course,

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