Fade to Black! Fade to Black!

Posted by Grant on 5/22/2010 to General

Another rockin song by heavy metal legends Metallica is performed effortlessly.  Nearby shouts for “Fade to Black! Fade to Black” erupt from one hopeful fan.  Too bad sucker, time for One.  Then Fuel.  Then Seek and Destroy.  Ya gotta hand it to him, he was persistent…”Faaade to Blaaaaack!!!” …as if shouting the word longer would get Hetfield’s attention.  Well Metallica was amazing at Summer Sanitarium 2003, surviving personnel changes as well as battling egos among other business relationships, but Fade to Black didn’t make the set list this time.  Good thing the band put out nearly a baker’s dozen’s worth of albums to appease us, to which mission was sufficiently accomplished.

Why all the back story?  Just remembering some good times.  We here at Disc Golf Station simply want to announce the arrival (if you haven’t already seen!) of the popular Fade Gear.  Fade has cool designs and GREAT values.  If you’re looking for a mega disc bag that can hold everything you could possibly need grab the Fade Gear Tourney Disc Golf Bag.  For a lighter alternative that still functions for the competitive player go for the Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag.  Beginners will like the Lite Bag too!  If you must know the inspiration for including the Metallica anecdote, its due to the awesome limited edition Black “Birdbrain” version of the Tourney Bag. 

Fade Gear Black Limited Edition Birdbrain Tourney Disc Golf Bag

Check it out.  (Shopping tip: we’ve extended our Gateway X-Out promotion for a limited time longer…pick up any color of the Tourney Bag, and you’ll qualify for the free disc!)

See ya on the course.

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade toooooooooo Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

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