Double Your Fun!

Posted by Administrator on 3/25/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
Enjoying the warmer weather?  I know I am...except that here in Texas that means Summer is approximately 2 weeks away.

Today's Minute Clinic quickly shows you four great ways to play doubles in disc golf.  Playing with a teammate makes disc golf more fun!  My brother and I will also play doubles anytime we are both tired and not really "feelin it."  It means maximum fun factor.  Usually the last round of a long weekend of disc golf will be doubles.  We'll see how low we can go.

Last weekend for example, Wallace and I finished our weekend at Universal City Park with a hot 44 round of doubles.  Even inside the round we had room to improve.  We could see that 39 or 40 was not THAT impossible.  This was "Best Shot" of course...I don't want to think about what "Worst Shot" would have been...[shutters]

Anyways, check out four different ways to mix it up with some doubles disc golf:

Any way you slice it, doubles will make disc golf more fun, especially in groups.  There's nothing better than two good teams battling out for who doesn't have to buy dinner!

See ya on the course,


Golden Retriever - Save your discs and money!

Posted by Grant on 3/4/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
It's Friday again and that means...Friday Minute Clinic.  In under 60 seconds, we'll show you a great way to protect your investment (your discs) while maintaining your sanity.  The Golden Retriever is a handy way to retrieve discs out of the water.  You already lost a stroke, you don't have to lose your disc too!

I have used the Golden Retriever countless times to save my discs as well as my friends discs.  And I'm always Johnny-on-the-spot when I walk by some poor soul that is staring blankly in dismay at his frisbee that is visible but not get-able.  They are oh so confused when I say "don't worry, I've got a Golden Retriever."

Check it out!

Have a great weekend and save someone's disc for them!

See ya on the course and hopefully not in the creek,


Friday Minute Clinic - 21: The Putting Game

Posted by Grant on 2/25/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
Another Friday...and another Friday Minute Clinic.  Watch the video to learn how to play disc golf's version of 21.  It's a great way to have fun in the backyard while practicing at the same time. 
I'm on my way to San Antonio to play in this year's SADC Ice Bowl.  The format is Bring Your Own Partner Doubles so Wallace and I have been excited for a month to get out there and tear it up together.  There is something refreshing about playing doubles.  I think it's because I don't stress out as much and end up playing better individually than I would have otherwise. 
Go play some doubles this weekend.  No "I" in TEAM right?
See ya on the course,

Tournament Thoughts - Friday Minute Clinic

Posted by Grant on 2/11/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
Hey guys, just dropping in with the Friday Minute Clinic.  I played well last weekend at the Winter Warm-Up in Lewisville, TX on the courses at Lake Lewisville Park and LL Woods Park.

It felt great to play well, I'm still excited about it.  I'm loving my Gateway Voodoos (more on this next week) and loving disc golf again. 

Check it out:

Have a great weekend!

See ya on the course,


Friday Minute Clinic - Falling Putts in Disc Golf

Posted by Grant on 2/4/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
Hey America, how's that winter storm treating you?  Local schools here in Fort Worth have been closed since Tuesday due to very icy roads...and as I write this, we're getting blanketed with big, fluffy flakes of snow...headed toward 5 inches since yesterday.  It's cold!!!  Especially for a Southerner!

Ok, today's Minute Clinic is about Falling Putts.  You know who you are (most of the time) and you know what you do!  We want to help!  First off, for those that don't know or didn't realize, a falling putt is when you do NOT demonstrate balance inside the putting the circle.  The putting circle is 10 meters or 32 feet 10 inches.  Inside this circle, you MUST fully demonstrate balance behind your lie when you putt.  That means after you release the putter, no part of your body can land in front of your lie (or mini-marker) period.  It's not good enough to simply tap your foot down behind your lie as your momentum takes you toward the basket.  Same thing if you happen to be kneeling when you putt...if you land in push-up position, you've fallen on the putt.

What happens if I "fall" when I putt?

First, your card will issue a warning and you must re-putt.  Anything after that counts as a penalty stroke so it can really add up if you have built in this bad habit to your game.

Watch the video to for a few quick tips on how to eliminate falling putts from your disc golf game!

See ya on the course...after it warms up...