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2011 PDGA Rules Update!

Posted by Grant on 2/18/2011 to Frisbee Golf
A very big TGIF!  This seemed to be the longest week ever.  Hope all is well for you and yours.  The Friday Minute Clinic is taking a break this week so we can update you on some of the most important changes to the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) Rules. 

Watch the video for some important changes to "holing out" including changes to what putts do and don't count.

There have been other updates to the Rulebook as well.  Here's the rundown:

Drop Zone:
Tournament Directors can designate a drop zone for lost discs to improve speed of play.

Optional Rethrow (formerly Unplayable Lie):
You need to read the specifics but essentially if your disc goes OB or misses a mando or into any hazard, you may rethrow from your previous lie with a one stroke penalty.  Permission from the group is not needed.

YOU CAN NO LONGER back up to 5m due to an "unplayable lie."  You must rethrow with a penalty from the previous lie.

Note:  You can not declare a provisional throw as your optional rethrow after the fact.  Don't try to sneak around the rules!!

Obstacles and Relief:
Important changes here.  You need to read the specifics but here is the point...you can't move anything on the course except that which is specifically permitted by the rulebook and/or the tournament director before the tournament. 

If the permitted or "casual" item can't be moved, you have up to 5m behind the lie to play with before you would have to take the Optional Rethrow rule and your one stroke penalty.

Disc Above or Below the Playing Surface:
This terminology has been added to the Rulebook where previously it had only been a part of the Question and Answer section of the rules.

That about does it.  Consult this link to check exact wording and specifics: http://www.pdga.com/rule-changes-2011

See ya on the course,


9 Ways to Get Your Disc Out of a Tree

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 1/13/2011 to Frisbee Golf

Knock your Disc down with a Softball

Knock it down with a softball

Knock your Disc down with a Big Rock

Throw a Big Rock

Use Reverse Psychology

Use Reverse Psychology

Climb Tree

Climb tree

Have your Friend Climb

Have your friend climb

Use Telekinesis to knock down your disc

Use Telekinesis

Use Telekinesis

Knock it down with Another Disc

Knock it down with another disc

Wait for a Storm to knock it down

Wait for a Storm

Wait for a storm

Eat a Leaf

Eat a leaf

Bryan McClain Open Coming up October 9th

Posted by Grant on 9/19/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments
Get signed up for the 2010 Bryan McClain Open at McClain Park in San Antonio, a part of the 2010 Alamo Disc Series sponsored by www.DiscGolfStation.com.  The "BMO" is a fun-filled, one-day "C" Tier disc golf tournament that promises strong competition from the locals and some out of towners too.  The course is undergoing improvements thanks to the good folks in the San Antonio Disc Club and the local disc golf community.  These guys have put in many hours to McClain to make it as good as possible for the tourney. 
Disc Golf Station will be at the BMO with discs and equipment available for purchase.  I haven't played more than 2 rounds in a week in months thanks to the little man that now lives at my house but I plan on doing well myself in the Intermediate division.  I'm hoping the heavily wooded fairways will keep everyone else in check while I play smart and play for 3s.  There are only a few birdie runs (from the concrete tees) in my opinion, I will go after those but everything else is par golf/avoid the bogey kind of golf. 
Get signed up over at www.titledisc.com.  Players packs (including a Stash-Mini from Disc Golf Station for the first 50 people) will be available only for pre-registered players.  Can't wait to see all the San Antonio peeps again! 
See ya on the course (and at the BMO!),

Fahrenheit Results and LOSO upcoming

Posted by discgolfstation on 7/18/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Nolan Grider holds off Brice Longerbone at the 2010 Fahrenheit Fling, shooting 17 down on the day.  The Pros and Intermediate guys played today (Sunday) while the Rec. and Advanced divisions played yesterday.  I play Advanced for the first time ever and didn’t die or get last, so I’m definitely pleased.  I shot higher than my rating both rounds, didn’t get too hot, got to play disc golf all day, and burned a ton of calories (much needed).

Adv/Rec. Results

Pro/Int Results

The 2010 Live Oak Summer Open is coming up this weekend.  It’s being played at Live Oak City Park and Universal City Park  Courses.  It’s going to be two rounds each day, one on each course.  LOSO is a very fun disc golf tournament and one of my favorite to play.  My brother, Wallace, and I plan on taking 1st and 2nd in Intermediate!  Ha!  We’ll see, won’t we!

See ya on the course,


2010 Fahrenheit Fling at Veteran’s Park

Posted by discgolfstation on 7/16/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments

So, I’ve signed myself up to get brutalized by the Advanced Division for the first time.  This weekend, the Fahrenheit Fling tricks otherwise rational disc golfers into playing all day in the Texas summer sun and heat.  The 36-hole tournament is being held at Veteran’s Park in Arlington, Texas.  This silly clip art doesn’t do it justice, I assure you. 

(Was going for an old cowboy that was really hot from the summer sun...searching for "hot cowboy" in Google is not a good idea...)

Anyways, I’m not really ready for the Advanced division yet but due to scheduling, I’m going to go for it this weekend.  The Advanced and Recreational divisions will play two rounds on Saturday while the Pro/Open and Intermediate groups will play Sunday.  I can’t play on Sunday so I was left with Advanced or Rec. 

Although my rating might tell you otherwise, playing Rec. at this point is not getting me anywhere.  The Advanced division however will be quite a step up in competition.  My goal is to not get last.  To not look terrible.  To not fall down from being nervous.  To not suck.  Honestly, I don’t care if I get last so long as I play my best. 

I’ll let everyone know how good or bad this turns out next week…until then, please hold candlelight vigils and prayer meetings for my poor ego.  I’m not sure if my pride is going to make it!

See ya on the course,


UC what you want 2C

Posted by Wallace on 7/5/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

As of June 2010, Universal City Park has been redesigned with 7 new holes!  A growing concern of walkers, children, and park-goers, the holes in the multi-use area of the park were pulled and replaced with, in this writer’s opinion, much better disc golf holes.  Many many thanks to the Live Oak Disc Golf Alliance!  Although generally short, every hole presents a difficult and technical shot; hit your line or you’ll be scrambling to save your par.  With smart, strategic play you should find the course can be played under 50 for advanced players.

Here’s the rundown.

New Numbers : Old Numbers

1 : 5

2 : 6

3 : 7

4 : 8

5 : 9

6 : 10

7 : New

8 : New

9 : New

10 : New

11 : New

12 : New

13 : New

14 : 12

15 : 13

16 : 14 (Latest update of 14…not from the bridge)

17 : 15

18 : 4

Check out some pics of the new layout!


Frisbee Golfer Arrested

Posted by Grant on 6/9/2010 to Frisbee Golf

Here’s my reaction to the following article:

For the lazies out there that won’t even read the 3-paragraph article, here’s the run down:  a mother left her 6-year old playing at the playground by himself while she was playing frisbee golf.  The police found the boy wandering in the woods lost, just hundreds of feet away from a large quarry, with unfenced, high cliffs that drop down into deep water.

This one hits home for me.  I have a one-month old son now…and I love disc golf, don’t get me wrong…but seriously, I can’t imagine doing something so stupid.  Why not take your kid with you lady?  Let him exercise with you.  You could even, I don’t know, bond with each other a little.  Share some common experiences.  Disc Golf Station could even sell you a beginner’s disc golf set for your little tyke.  Well, now you’re facing up to 9 months in the slammer.  I hope you at least got an ace while you were out there….good grief.

Moral of the story: Just think about things for two whole seconds and you’ll be good.

Picture of the quarry near the park….

(Not actually from the same park as the crazy mom)

See ya on the course (but not if your kid is at the playground…)


Disc Golf over Thanksgiving

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 11/28/2009 to Disc Golf Courses

Well, there is much to be thankful for this year.  This past week, especially, I’m glad to have some time off to play many rounds of disc golf on top of cleaning the house, changing the decorations from Fall to Christmas, tie-dyeing stuff for people for Christmas gifts, and eating myself sleepy.  Here are some of the better pictures:

Gateway Park West – Fort Worth, Texas

Gateway Park West Disc Golf Course

Gateway Park West Disc Golf Course

Hole 1 Tee Sign

Gateway Park Hole 1

Gateway Park West Tee Sign #1

Fairway of Hole 1…just try not to hit a tree…

Fairway to Hole 1

Gateway Park West Hole 1's Fairway

Looking down the first 300ft of Hole 5

Gateway Park Hole 5

The first 300ft to this massive 700footer. Mando right about 150ft out on a tight fairway. Fairway goes left out of woods then another 400ft in the open to the basket

Hole 9-218 ft right turning fairway

Gateway Hole 9

Gateway Park-Hole 9

Tough putt on 11 with Discraft Pro-D Banger GT:

Pro-D Banger GT looking to get out of trouble

25 ft past basket and behind bush on Hole 11

In the air…

Banger in the air

In or out....?

More to come soon…

See ya on the course!


Wanna Fly Forever?

Posted by Administrator on 11/12/2009 to Frisbee Golf

Steady Ed Headrick, the Father of Disc Golf, created the first Disc Pole Hole in 1975, and the sport we now know as disc golf received the breath of life.  A Wham-O employee, Steady Ed transformed throwing “frisbee” discs, traditionally a child’s game, into a legitimate sport for all ages.  Near the pioneer’s death, he made it clear to his family his wishes for his afterlife.  Ed dreamed of flying on after his death in the form of his beloved discs!  After his cremation, his family had his remains poured into the mixture of a special run of discs. Steady Ed’s son Daniel is quoted, “He said he wanted to end up in a Frisbee that accidentally lands on someone’s roof.” 

Steady Ed is a LEGEND, and disc golf wouldn’t be here without him.  Whether you buy one of his memorial discs or not, take a moment the next time you play to toss a disc in honor of the Father of Disc Golf!

What do you think of Steady Ed's Memorial Discs?


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