Frisbee Golfer Arrested

Posted by Grant on 6/9/2010 to Frisbee Golf

Here’s my reaction to the following article:

For the lazies out there that won’t even read the 3-paragraph article, here’s the run down:  a mother left her 6-year old playing at the playground by himself while she was playing frisbee golf.  The police found the boy wandering in the woods lost, just hundreds of feet away from a large quarry, with unfenced, high cliffs that drop down into deep water.

This one hits home for me.  I have a one-month old son now…and I love disc golf, don’t get me wrong…but seriously, I can’t imagine doing something so stupid.  Why not take your kid with you lady?  Let him exercise with you.  You could even, I don’t know, bond with each other a little.  Share some common experiences.  Disc Golf Station could even sell you a beginner’s disc golf set for your little tyke.  Well, now you’re facing up to 9 months in the slammer.  I hope you at least got an ace while you were out there….good grief.

Moral of the story: Just think about things for two whole seconds and you’ll be good.

Picture of the quarry near the park….

(Not actually from the same park as the crazy mom)

See ya on the course (but not if your kid is at the playground…)


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