Gateway Super Soft Magic Putter (S-Series)
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Gateway Super Soft Magic Putter (S-Series)

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One of the best putters in disc golf is the Gateway Magic.  With incredible glide, all skill levels will find a use for this putt and approach disc.  The Magic flies straight and is easy to turn to the right for anhyzer shots.  At low speeds, the Magic won't fade hard to the left like more overstable putters.  Great for beginners looking for a straight putter with good grip, or any skill level that needs a putter to turn right.  (Right hand BackHand shots)

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The Super Soft S-Series plastic is very grippy without being floppy.  You will come to depend on your Magic when it really counts!  Try one today!  Did we mention...Disc Golf Station always ships for free in domestic US!

5 Stars
The Magic is a beadless understable putter that feels fantastic in your hand. It is a putter that is useful for keeping flat all the way to the basket on long putts. It will not easily hyzer out too soon. For drives and upshots it is very understable. You can release it on a hyzer and it will flip up to flat and turn over drifting slowly right. It is not good for approach shots and drives into a headwind. The Magic is great in tailwinds and for shaping upshots. I throw this disc for anything under 250 feet where I need to make sure the disc holds an anhyzer line all the way or most of the way to the basket or when there is no wind and I have a high ceiling to throw. For windy conditions I opt for a Zone or a Flick instead. The one and only drawback to the Magic for me is the tendency to “air bounce” on putts in windy conditions. I’m not sure if it is the lack of a bead or just it’s understable characteristics, but it isn’t very reliable in wind. The Magic comes in a variety of plastic options. I prefer Medium for warm weather and Super Soft for cooler weather. One other thing to note about the Magic is that it has a slightly smaller diameter than other putters on the market. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but seems like it would increase your chance for blowthroughs on baskets with wide gaps between the chains or light weight chains (ahem North Park in Haltom City ahem). I have putted with a Magic for several years and have recently made the switch to a Shield instead for better putting performance in the wind.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Keller, TX. on 5/12/2015
5 Stars
Best putter I got
Always follow the path you throw
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Reviewed by:  from North little rock. on 5/14/2013
5 Stars
Oh The Magoc it can Do
This always seemed too understable for my putting style, But come to find out it has added some major distance to my comfort zone. It carries the same flight pattern as the Wizard but will stay flat for much longer.
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Reviewed by:  from Euless, Tx. on 9/7/2012
4 Stars
Great disc, Low Durability
Love this putter! It is fairly stiff, but with a tacky, chalky feel to it. Feels great for putting, and very accurate. When using for approaches/drives, thrown hard on hyzer it will flip and go dead straight (no fade). When thrown hard with slight hyzer/flat, it will go straight and turnover- it's beautiful. It will keep any line, even an anhyzer when thrown slow. Great for those putts that you have to anhyzer. Only complaint is that the super soft will warp and beat up if you hit anything with it, so I suggest getting the evolution plastic for drives/approaches. Super soft works great for putting, and even warped it flies exactly as did when I first bought it....I just like my putter to feel the same in my hand everytime I use it.
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Reviewed by:  from Murray, KY. on 9/15/2011

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