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Discraft just took it to the next level. Titanium is the newest line from Discraft; a best-of-both-worlds combination of Elite-Z and ESP.  More grip and durability than ever before.  Not to mention the discs are unique and B-U-tiful.  Check out some samples:

Compare to other Discraft Discs in your bag:

Titanium Comparison
Titanium Comparison

Currently released models are the Ti Buzzz and the Ti Stalker.  Other models to be run in Titanium Plastic and released in the coming months: Ti Force and Ti Nuke.  Throw Titanium!

Is summer here already?

Posted by Grant on 4/26/2011 to General
Updated 4-27-11 (see new name of Vibram disc below)
Well, Summer is (un)officially here in Texas...once you hit 90+ for many days it's not Spring anymore.  Texas (and the rest of the South) like to do things their own way.  There's not waiting around for the Summer Solstice to kick start Summer. 
Disc Golf Station is gearing up for one more C-Tier tournament this weekend before a 5 month hiatus from tournaments.  The San Antonio Open will be held at Pearsall in southern San Antonio this year and promises to be a good one.  The course is looking great, the grass is mowed and ready.  DGS will be there with the fly-mart and handling payout.
Vibram Updates
We caught up with "the Vibram Disc Golf Guy" recently, Steve Dodge.  We met at a new 9-hole disc golf course in Kennedale called Sonora Park.  We held a short Vibram Disc Golf Demo to talk about the new discs on the way and to spread the good word about Vibram and played a mini-tournament after.  Grant and Clint with Steve Dodge (Center) of VibramLawrence/Alex/Bacon/whatever you want to call him came through big for DGS and Vibram and got around 40 people out to the mini on just a few days notice.  Most were from the Funkytown Flyers (a Fort Worth and DFW disc golf club). 
Steve Dodge and the folks at Vibram have been hard at work developing new discs.  They are working on a "putting" putter that features a more rounded top edge (as opposed to the flatter flight plates of the current lineup).  It's looks and feels similar to an Aviar. 
They are also working a straight flying mid-range.  I've seen the prototype in action and it's maybe best described as a "beat Roc."  More info to come!
My favorite of the new discs coming soon is the compliment to the Ascent (stable to overstable fairway driver), the Trek.  We got some prototypes from Vibram a few days ago and I've been throwing them around some of the fairways at Arcadia Park when my wife and I take the baby for a walk at night.  I am LOVING the new Trek, it's a stable to understable fairway driver that is FUN to throw.
Every once in a while you just throwing a disc.  It might become my go-to utility disc/control driver.  It's fast but so easy to throw.  I glides well and goes where you tell it.  There is a dependable fade but this is no meathook.  It stays straight and true for a long time.  Look for Disc Golf Station to have these asap! (approximately early June)
Update: The new name of the Trek will be the Trak.  There is a Vibram facility named the Trek that would have caused onto the new name!  "What's in a name....a disc this good by any name would fly as sweet."  I think that's how it goes...
Now go outside and throw your discs before it gets too hot and Summer is everywhere!
See ya on the course,

Disc Golf in the Olympics

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It’s an interesting thought. People have been talking about this for a while now. I’m sure there are many disc golf enthusiasts out there saying “Yea, that would be awesome, but there’s no way Disc Golf will be in the Olympics”. I wouldn’t be so sure. Think about this. What is the closest sport to Disc Golf? I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the name “Disc Golf”. Golf (or “Ball” Golf, as most Frolfers like to refer to it) has been re-introduced into the Olympics and will be taking the stage in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Disc Golf in the OlympicsThere were 7 sports competing for two open slots, two of which were Squash and Roller Sports?  Needless to say, Golf made it in pretty handily.


So if Golf can make it into the Olympics, why not the disc equivalent?  It’s Golf meets the discus throw, which is completely iconic for the Olympic Games.  Makes sense to me.  


To get into the Olympic program, you have to have a sport that is widely practiced around the world.  Then, after being approved as a candidate, the governing body (PDGA, in this case) has to present its case to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and then they vote.  If the PDGA were up against, say the USARS…. Maybe there would be a chance.  What is exciting though is that is making huge strides to increase the reach of disc golf internationally.  With the birth of the Disc Golf Presidents Cup & the European Open, both founded in 2006, talk of the sport is spreading across the globe at a rapid pace.


I’m going to be realistic for a second.  According to the PDGA International Demographics, the growth is actually on the decline.  What I mean by that, is that growth of international courses being built and official PDGA members signing on is lessoning.  However, I will say, that although the “growth” is on a decline, when you think about there being 567 international members back in 2005 vs. 1,438 PDGA members in 2009, you start to think that there’s something there.  And while it might still take another decade or so, Disc Golf (thanks much in part to the PDGA) is becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Now, to end this thing, I want to show you how peoples’ interests might be changing a bit.  Only 555 people signed the petition for Disc Golf to be in the 2012 Olympics.  That said, already, there are 1,946 signatures for the inclusion of Disc Golf in the 2016 Olympics.  Before you start rounding up your posse to sign this thing, just know that the application process must take a minimum of six years.  So, although there is no hope of Disc Golf being included in the 2016 Olympics, who’s to say what’s in store for 2020.


For now, Disc Golf Station is going to take just a little poll to see what your thoughts are…

5 Disc Golf App Reviews

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If you've got an iPhone, then check out these Disc Golf Apps.  Some are good, some are bad, all are Frisbee related...
Disc Golf Tracker - $0.99

Disc Golf Tracker is a scorecard app.  I think the best thing for a scorecard app is for it to be simple.  While this app is fairly simple, you still have to click a few times to record your score, which I don’t particularly like.


The best thing about this app is that you can take pictures within the app itself for players and even courses.  Here is me messing with Disc Golf Tracker.




Disc Golf Tracker



You can add handicaps and even send your final scores via email and facebook.  If you’re looking for a cheaper scorecard app (or you just prefer real images), but still keep track of your scores, then get this app.


A lot of people are talking about how they love the User-Interface… I don’t see it (the shot above is the coolest thing about this app…).

DiscGolf - $1.99 –
The name doesn’t leave you much to go on, so I will enlighten you.  The DiscGolf App for the iPhone is a great way to keep score of all your rounds.  It’s very easy to use with fantastic graphics.  There are two things that I love about this app.  First of all, when you are trying to record your score, you want it simple (like I said above).  You don’t want to have to fumble around and click more than, say, 5 times to enter your score.  You want to record it and move on to the next hole.  With DiscGolf, just click a player and one of the numbers.  You don’t even have to type anything.  Done!

 DiscGolf App

DiscGolf App 


Secondly, this app is great for keeping a history of your rounds.  Not only is there a history built in to reference whenever you like, but immediately following your round, you can email yourself (or post that bad boy to Facebook) and your friends the scorecard with all the info.  You can even track of everything in Excel if you wanna be weird.


One word of advise though.  We were playing out on the course and needed to take a look at the actual scorecard and it took me forever to find it.  It’s the tiny “Options” link at the top.  Then, Summary. 




Pocket Putt - $1.99 -

This app is not worth $0.99, let alone $1.99.  It’s a lot like the popular app, Paper Toss, except not as fun.  This is a game where you slide your finger up the screen to try and sink your putt.  There is nothing else to it.  The only thing I like about it is the serene environment it places you in.  It has great graphics, little moving wind lines and cute bird-chirpy noises, but that’s where the goodness ends.  And, although I will say, I wish some of the other apps had cute bird-chirpy noises, this app is kinda boring.  I only review this app to say, please don’t get it.  Even if you do like it, you won’t after 2 minutes.


It looks cooler than it is…



Pocket Putt




iDisc Golf Pro - $0.99 –

First things first.  Go to Options.  Turn OFF Background Music and turn ON Sound Effects.  I don’t know why the default is the other way around, because that Music will get into your head and you will want to shoot yourself in the face. 


This is a fun little disc golf game.  If you are thinking of disc golf but you can’t play because you’re stuck at the doctor’s office or at work… you can always get a quick round in with this app.  There aren’t a lot of disc golf game apps out there, so there isn’t a lot to compare it to, but I will say it can be addicting.  You just roll your finger up the screen to shoot and can even do anhyzer and hyzer throws. 


iDisc Golf Pro


What would make this game way better is if you could connect two iPhones and play together.  But instead you have to switch the phone back and forth.  Also, there are only 4 courses to choose from.  That’s pretty lame.  But, like I said, there aren’t a lot of disc golf game apps out there, so if I had to choose one, it would be iDisc Golf Pro.  It really is quite enjoyable.  Aside from the wind having an abnormally large effect on the disc, the overall environment of the game is fairly accurate.  Play conservative, play smart and you will win.  Just make sure you don’t putt with your driver J.  If you are on a road trip with a fellow disc golf buddy, download this app and you guys (or gals) will enjoy countless minutes of disc golfy goodness.  By the way, there is a free version, iDisc Golf Lite, if you’d like to try that one out.




DG Caddy - $1.99 -

Yet another scorecard app.  First off, I will say this is great because you can really learn a lot about your game.  It has something that no other app can offer you.  History of your shots.  You can add discs to the app (including images).  Then you can record what shots you took, whether it was right-hand, back-hand, how much hyzer you used and then rate it.  You can go back at look and see how you did and what you need to work on. 


DG Caddy



If you are looking for a different type of app that offers some actual feedback about your game, then I would give this one a shot.  Throw tracking can take forever!  But if you’re diligent you might actually get something out of this.






Doodle Ultimate - $0.99 -

Ok, I know this app isn’t for disc golf, but it’s still really fun!  I will admit, after I downloaded this app, I sat there for about 30 minutes straight, playing, trying to get better to get to “Hard”.  But you won’t win at Hard… It’s a very simple game with simple controls and honestly, I couldn’t even figure out how to go back to the menu to end a game. 


And if you play good enough defense, the computer will never throw.  But you just have to give the other guy some space to bait him a little bit.  I don’t play Ultimate, so I don’t know all the rules, but it seems like you should have to throw the disc at some point…


Is this app worth $0.99?  Maybe not.  But you could have a lot of fun with it for a little while like I did.

Happy New Year from Disc Golf Station!

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Happy New Year to you and yours from Disc Golf Station!  Hope you guys have an awesome 2011 in disc golf and in life.  I know I'm looking forward to improving my game and PDGA rating.  Bottom line is...I have to practice more.  My 8-month old son and beautiful wife say different.  :-)

Here are some of my disc golf goals for 2011 (in no particular order):

  • Improve my PDGA rating to 935 (this is probably the hardest of the bunch)
  • Play 53 or better at my home course, Arcadia Park.
  • Play 49 or better at my other home course, North Park
  • 5 aces, I don't care what anybody says about aces not being important...I love the feeling of seeing it happen, it jazzes me for the next I want more...
  • Win my division (Intermediate) at a PDGA tournament
  • Win the Intermediate Division of the 2011 Alamo Disc Series sponsored by!
  • Have more fun than stress
We are one week away from the 1st event in the 2011 Alamo Disc Series, the Nightmare at Nani.  It's January 8th at Nani Falcone Park and features one round in the afternoon followed by a round at night with glow/lighted discs.  This year it's an XC Tier so come on out. 

See ya on the course in 2011,


Happy Thanksgiving! Especially for Tom and John!

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Happy Thanksgiving disc golfers!  It is very exciting to announce the 2 winners of our $100 Gift Certificate Raffle.  Tom F. from Iowa and John M. from Illinois are the lucky winners of $100 Gift Certificates to  Thanks to all those that participated.

And speaking of thanks...Disc Golf Station wants to thank all of our customers for their business and continued support.  We could not exist without you.  That's why everything we do is with the customer in mind, because you are really important to us...really!

Because you are important to us, we keep bringing you great deals to save you money!  For 4 days (November 25 through November 29), we are going to give you a $5 Gift Certificate for orders over $35.  THAT is an excellent deal.

In case you missed it, here is the wrap-up video from the Oh Say Can UC tourney held at Universal City Park in Universal City, Texas.


Hope all is well with you and yours this holiday season.  Have a great Thanksgiving and go play some disc golf with the family to work off some of those calories!

See ya on the course,


That's the way the World Series go

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The World Series is upon us.  And excitement is at fever pitch in Texas as well as the Bay Area.  The Texas Rangers (yeah, still hard to believe) and the San Francisco Giants will play Game 1 of the 2010 World Series featuring two of baseball's best pitchers in Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum.  Lee has been unbeatable in the postseason and Lincecum has been dominant as well.

Texas Rangers

Rangers fans don't know what to do with themselves.  We've waited for this for a long time.  I can remember going to games as a kid in old Arlington Stadium as well as the newer Ballpark in Arlington.  The cotton candy, peanuts, soda, ice cream in miniature baseball helmets.  Bringing your glove in hopes of catching a foul ball.  Ah, the memories.  Many of which were soured due to our bad luck of drawing the Yankees in postseason play.  We went through many bad pitching years in the post-Nolan Ryan era.  BAD.....
Well, all that is behind us now...including the Stankees.  Sorry New York folks.  Sorry Philly folks, San Fran sent you packin' early too. 
Grant's World Series Prediction:  Texas in 6
Oh yeah....on to the best part...I will be at Game 4 of the World Series!  Game 4 is in Arlington on Halloween.  I plan on wearing a white yeti costume with a Rangers jersey over it.  If you see a Yeti at the game in the upper deck, it's me. 
Have fun watching the World Series, here is the schedule:
Time ET
Gm 1
Oct. 27
7:30 PM
Gm 2
Oct. 28
7:30 PM
Gm 3
Oct. 30
6:30 PM
Gm 4
Oct. 31
8:00 PM
Gm 5*
Nov. 1
7:30 PM
Gm 6*
Nov. 3
7:30 PM
Gm 7*
Nov. 4
7:30 PM
See ya on the course...but not during the World Series,

Fade Bags and Backpack Straps Restocked

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Hey you disc golf crazies.  Just wanted to let you know we restocked our Fade Gear Bags.  Which one is right for you? 
If you're on a budget or just don't want to carry two-dozen discs  around, try the Fade Gear Lite Disc Golf Bag.  For your medium sized bag, look no further than the Crunch Box.  This bag holds a few more than the Lite Bag, has a few more amenities, and is backpack strap ready.  If you are playing tournaments, or just like to haul all your best and brightest around, get your hands on a Fade Gear Tourney Bag.  Personally, I used the Fade Tourney Bag for all rounds.  I like to have everything I need to play the game and be able to stuff a bunch of other junk in my bag too.  And of course it's backpack strap ready. 
And speaking of straps:
Fade Gear Straps
The good guys over at Fade Gear developed a backpack strap system that also has a WeatherGuard.  There is a built in a rainfly that can be pulled down to cover your bag from the weather.  It even covers the bottom of your bag so that when you set it down on the ground, it doesn't come back soggy.  Sweet!
If you want Freakin' Awesome Disc Equipment, then you need to check FADE Gear out now!
See ya on the course,

Think of it this way

Posted by Grant on 10/7/2010 to General
A huge part of disc golf is knowing what and how to throw.  The other part is execution.  If you want to work on execution, then you need lots of repetition and practice.  That part is easy, what we really need is to work on the mental side.  Here are 3 things to think about when you are playing disc golf that can help you win the mental game. 
1.  Play the hole before you shoot.
Don't just walk up to the hole and try to fling your drive as far as possible.  Stop for a moment (even 5 seconds helps) and ask yourself how you are going to play each shot.  (Let's pretend you are right handed)  If you step up to a right curving fairway and the basket is 390 feet away but you can't throw backhand anhyzers very well and your sidearm consistently hits 320 ft and maxes out at 350 ft, you need to play the hole for 3.  You should NOT expect to birdie this hole.  Your max distance, perfect shot, once every other month sidearm still leaves you 40 feet short.  You've left yourself with a chance for a long putt (assuming you were also accurate).  What usually happens though is you try to overpower your disc to get it that extra 20 or 30 feet and sacrifice accuracy.
While, you may occasionally get that long drive to be accurate and then follow up with a long putt, you need not pressure yourself to deuce this hole.  PLAY IT FOR 3!  Take an accurate 300+ ft drive.  Throw your putter the next 80+ ft to leave you a gimme par putt. 
You have to be honest about your abilities and limitations and play within them.  On longer holes or more technical holes, you need to think SHOT PLACEMENT.  Stepping up to the tee, ask yourself: "where do I want each shot to be?"  Place your shots mentally, then try to execute accordingly.  Don't just slam your disc down the fairway and hope for the best. 
2.  Lines, angles, disc selection
Think about what line or shape you are going to try to throw as well as the angle of the disc (hyzer, flat, or anhyzer).  Here is an example in my own game.  Hole 3 at Arcadia Park in Fort Worth, Texas is a 305 foot slight hyzer with woods lining the left side of the fairway, open field to the right.  I can throw my Stalker basically straight at it with enough hyzer angle to handle the speed.  My max distance with the Z Stalker is just enough to get it to the basket.  Or I can choose to throw my Z Force (a much faster and more overstable driver) on a wider line.  The better choice is the Force and this is why:  the line I'm throwing on is totally clear (the open field to the right).  The hyzer angle I'm throwing on with the Force will bring the disc to the ground and not fly past.  Because I can throw my Force past the target on a normal shot, I can use more of a hyzer line (but not quite a hyzer spike) to get me to the basket without risking blow-bys.  The Stalker is not a bad choice but just not preferrable when I know that I can more easily turn the Stalker over drastically decrease my distance along with the possibility that if I throw it right down the pipe and it finishes left even a little early I'm in the woods praying for a clear out to save a par. 
3.  Don't grumble...recover! 
When your shot doesn't go as planned, don't embarrass your friends and family by yelling, cussing, throwing your bag, or whining like an overgrown baby.  Say to yourself: "Time to go to work" or "I can recover" or "I can still save the par" or "I can still make that putt."  How many times did you mean to lay your putter up right under the basket but instead you left it 25 ft short.  Well, don't start grumbling and complaining about your if you have already missed the next putt.  Speak positivity into your game about how you are going to nail the putt anyway.  I don't need no stinkin' drop-in or SOMETHING to keep your attitude lifted.  Plus there is nothing worse than that guy who blows a gasket when he doesn't throw a pro level shot on every stroke.  RELAX.  Get over your mistakes and oopsies and try to make the next shot a good one.  Getting ticked off will only make things worse and make you look stupid.
Don't be stupid.  See ya on the course,

Restock of Discraft Discs

Posted by Grant on 10/3/2010 to General
FYI, we have added 200+ Discraft Discs to our inventory over the last few days.  They are ripe for the pickin so have it!

Also, this is an open invitation to request discs that we don't have.  If there is a disc/color/weight/plastic type that we don't currently have, send us an email ( and we will do our best to get it here as fast as possible.  We exist to serve you and get you the discs and equipment you need and want so you can get back to the course and the fun...hopefully fun...remember to have fun while you're stressing over how to get better!  A lesson I need to learn myself!

See ya on the course,


NFL is'd you do?

Posted by Grant on 9/14/2010 to General
Football is here!  Fall is almost here!  You can start to feel summer slowly give way to fall and with it we get to enjoy clearer fairways from the dying of the vegetation, cooler temperatures, dew on the ground for those morning disc golf outings and most importantly (ha...) FOOTBALL. 
So grow your beard, pump some iron, or something else to indicate your manliness.  Football season is upon us and it's hard to deny the pull of a Sunday filled with eating and watching strong men grab each other.  Truth be told, college ball is becoming more interesting than the pros.  College is more variable with that anything-can-happen atmosphere that is often missing from professional games even with the increased parity of NFL teams in the last couple of years. 
What I really need to do is play more disc golf.  I'm getting dad-gum rusty.  Thanks to my 4 month old son...he just doesn't understand anything about priorities. 
Hey everyone, keep on playing with your frisbees (yeah I said it) as much as possible and enjoy the arrival of football.  How 'bout them Cowboys...oh yeah, they are a constant source of disappointment.  [cries a little inside]
See ya on the course,

Restocked Discraft Discs and 9-11

Posted by Grant on 9/11/2010 to General
We got an order from Discraft today and have uploaded many more discs to our inventory, notably the Z Nuke.  The Discraft Nuke is a must-have, very very fast driver.  If you haven't thrown it, you will be amazed at the speed and extra distance you will get.
Remembering 9-11
On to more important things than disc golf.  On the ninth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the United States, I think it's important to take a moment to remember those that died that day, the heroes that participated in the rescue efforts, and the men and women that have since sacrificed their lives to protect our country (and others) from future attacks. 
Everytime I see footage of the towers falling or the firemen running through streets clogged with ash and debris, I have to remind myself that it actually happened.  It doesn't seem real.  Surely, this didn't happen.  There's no way a street in the United States could be so fraught with peril and urgency.  But it did happen.  And we'll never be the same.  I can't even come close to imagining the suffering experienced that day or since.  My heart goes out to the families affected by the events of September 11th, 2001.
It's been called the "Pearl Harbor" of our day.  And maybe it is.  It's a day that lives in infamy and will continue to give us pause each year.  To remember that day and to hope for a better future.  Here's to the future and to the memory of our brothers and sisters that have gone before us.

DGS welcomes Vibram Discs!

Posted by Grant on 9/6/2010 to General
Disc Golf Station is proud to announce the arrival of Vibram Disc Golf to our family.  Vibram is known for their innovation and dependability in the rubber industry, specifically shoe soles and various applications.  Vibram, under the stewardship of Steve Dodge, has released multiple putter models in different flexibilities. 
Vibram putters are known for their outstanding durability and superb grip.  If, you haven't tried one, you need to.  And for a limited time, you have more reason than ever to grab one of these bad boys...DGS is offering DOUBLE REWARDS on Vibram discs.  Of course, you still get FREE SHIPPING (domestic US) and the unsurpassed customer service you have come to know and expect from Disc Golf Station. 
Here's a quick guide if you don't know which putter to try first.
If you like to throw these putters:
Innova Aviar should try the Vibram Ridge.
If you like very overstable putters like:
Innova Pig should try the Vibram VP.  (It's also the first to be released from Vibram for the trivia buffs out there)
If you like the flight path of these putters:
Innova Dart should try the Vibram Summit.
Vibram will be releasing their 4th putter in the coming months (hopefully, keep your fingers crossed) called the Ascent.  More info. on this development as it becomes available. 
That is all for now....
See ya on the course,

Disc Golf Woes!

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 8/10/2010 to General

Woe is me.  Ever been discontent with your game?  Ever wish you could get out to the course more often?  Ever wish you could win Worlds like Eric McCabe?  Ok, ok you get it.

Lately, I have had a lot of things keeping me from playing more…a 3 month old baby for one…

My favorite first born son, Gideon.

Ok, so that’s my first good excuse.  My next is that Disc Golf Station has kept me very busy this summer.  Thanks to everyone who get their disc golf discs, bags, baskets, etc at Disc Golf Station.  We aim to please and jump at the chance to impress new customers!

Next excuse…I’ll be moving houses soon, that’s always a beating.  I hate the moving part of moving.  The task list is endless and nothing is ever finished.  It’s also gonna be hard to leave this house, it was my first that I owned myself.  Oh well, onward and upward.

See ya on the course….hopefully…


UC what you want 2C

Posted by Wallace on 7/5/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

As of June 2010, Universal City Park has been redesigned with 7 new holes!  A growing concern of walkers, children, and park-goers, the holes in the multi-use area of the park were pulled and replaced with, in this writer’s opinion, much better disc golf holes.  Many many thanks to the Live Oak Disc Golf Alliance!  Although generally short, every hole presents a difficult and technical shot; hit your line or you’ll be scrambling to save your par.  With smart, strategic play you should find the course can be played under 50 for advanced players.

Here’s the rundown.

New Numbers : Old Numbers

1 : 5

2 : 6

3 : 7

4 : 8

5 : 9

6 : 10

7 : New

8 : New

9 : New

10 : New

11 : New

12 : New

13 : New

14 : 12

15 : 13

16 : 14 (Latest update of 14…not from the bridge)

17 : 15

18 : 4

Check out some pics of the new layout!


Fence Sitters and Go-Getters

Posted by Grant on 6/29/2010 to General

Man what a great title.  If you’re not sure whether to join the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) or not, you need to read my short but oh so sweet article at Disc Golf Station, entitled How To: Become a PDGA Member.

I’ll first tell the ambivalent crowd why and show the eager beavers how.  Signing up takes less than 5 minutes, reading the full article goes even faster.

See ya on the course,


A Year and a Half in 5 Minutes

Posted by Grant on 6/27/2010 to General

For those that don’t know, I have been growing my hair out since January of 2009.  This week I had reached the length necessary to donate (over 8 inches, mine was 9.5 to 10) to a charity organization called Children with Hair Loss.  It’s a nonprofit organization that collects hair donations and makes wigs for, you guessed it, children with hair loss, due to cancer or other causes too.  I have not had a haircut for a year and a half and in 5 minutes my wife cut it all off.  Here was the process:



Not one of my finer moments...let's move on.

All the little tails

The combined tails

After a quick trip to Fantastic Sams

After a quick trip to Fantastic Sams

And now my head is not 120 degrees when I play disc golf.

See ya on the course (but you may not recognize me),


Frisbee Golfer Arrested

Posted by Grant on 6/9/2010 to Frisbee Golf

Here’s my reaction to the following article:

For the lazies out there that won’t even read the 3-paragraph article, here’s the run down:  a mother left her 6-year old playing at the playground by himself while she was playing frisbee golf.  The police found the boy wandering in the woods lost, just hundreds of feet away from a large quarry, with unfenced, high cliffs that drop down into deep water.

This one hits home for me.  I have a one-month old son now…and I love disc golf, don’t get me wrong…but seriously, I can’t imagine doing something so stupid.  Why not take your kid with you lady?  Let him exercise with you.  You could even, I don’t know, bond with each other a little.  Share some common experiences.  Disc Golf Station could even sell you a beginner’s disc golf set for your little tyke.  Well, now you’re facing up to 9 months in the slammer.  I hope you at least got an ace while you were out there….good grief.

Moral of the story: Just think about things for two whole seconds and you’ll be good.

Picture of the quarry near the park….

(Not actually from the same park as the crazy mom)

See ya on the course (but not if your kid is at the playground…)


Restocked lots of discs/gear

Posted by discgolfstation on 6/8/2010 to General

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we have added over 300 more discs/bags/accessories to inventory in the last week.

Most notable restocks:

Next restock will be later in the month.  As always, if there is something not on our site that you want, let us know and we’ll do what we can do get it there quick!

Also, it’s hot outside.

See ya on the course,


Fade to Black! Fade to Black!

Posted by Grant on 5/22/2010 to General

Another rockin song by heavy metal legends Metallica is performed effortlessly.  Nearby shouts for “Fade to Black! Fade to Black” erupt from one hopeful fan.  Too bad sucker, time for One.  Then Fuel.  Then Seek and Destroy.  Ya gotta hand it to him, he was persistent…”Faaade to Blaaaaack!!!” …as if shouting the word longer would get Hetfield’s attention.  Well Metallica was amazing at Summer Sanitarium 2003, surviving personnel changes as well as battling egos among other business relationships, but Fade to Black didn’t make the set list this time.  Good thing the band put out nearly a baker’s dozen’s worth of albums to appease us, to which mission was sufficiently accomplished.

Why all the back story?  Just remembering some good times.  We here at Disc Golf Station simply want to announce the arrival (if you haven’t already seen!) of the popular Fade Gear.  Fade has cool designs and GREAT values.  If you’re looking for a mega disc bag that can hold everything you could possibly need grab the Fade Gear Tourney Disc Golf Bag.  For a lighter alternative that still functions for the competitive player go for the Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag.  Beginners will like the Lite Bag too!  If you must know the inspiration for including the Metallica anecdote, its due to the awesome limited edition Black “Birdbrain” version of the Tourney Bag. 

Fade Gear Black Limited Edition Birdbrain Tourney Disc Golf Bag

Check it out.  (Shopping tip: we’ve extended our Gateway X-Out promotion for a limited time longer…pick up any color of the Tourney Bag, and you’ll qualify for the free disc!)

See ya on the course.

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade toooooooooo Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

More Discraft Nukes just arrived and much more!

Posted by discgolfstation on 5/18/2010 to General

New Disc Golf Course Locator at Disc Golf Station

Posted by discgolfstation on 5/16/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Presenting version one of Disc Golf Station’s Disc Golf Course Locator:

Disc Golf Course Locator

Disc Golf Course Locator

Find your local courses or over 3000 courses across the country.  You can easily get directions by clicking the “Get Directions” link.  We have worked very hard on getting this locator off of the ground.  We already have many, many upgrades in the works.  This is an ongoing project.  The locator will continue to be updated to get you the best possible information in the simplest, easiest way. Now for the good stuff.

Opportunity to earn Reward Points at Disc Golf Station:

We want course reviews!!!  For a limited time, we are offering 5 Reward Points per review that we approve.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a course you have played
  2. Click on “Review this course”
  3. Write an original review of this course.  (think of info that would be helpful to someone that hasn’t played that course)
  4. We will approve your review and add 5 Reward Points to your account with us under the following conditions:
  • Your review must be original. If you copy from another site or any copyrighted material, we will not approve and you won’t get points for any review.  We will assume you have copied all other reviews.
  • Your review must be more than a few words to get Reward Points.   Only writing “This course is fun” or “this course is hard” is not substantial enough to earn points, we will probably post it but we can’t give you points if your review doesn’t have any substance.  Reviews can only be about 500 characters so you don’t need to write an essay, just some helpful comments about pros/cons or your notes about the course.
  • We reserve the right to reject any review for any reason not listed above if we feel it’s warranted.

Other thoughts:  Make sure you put your name or at least email that you use to order on our site so we can give the points to the right person!

Check out what you can get with your Rewards Points at Disc Golf Station!

Have a good one guys and see ya on the course!


Gateway now at Disc Golf Station!

Posted by discgolfstation on 5/14/2010 to Disc Reviews

Gateway Discs

If you haven’t seen our selection of Gateway Disc Sports products, get your head outta the sand (or shule) and check it out!  Gateway offers a full line of original and innovative discs, striving for unique molds rather than copies of existing ones.  Designed with the advanced player in mind, fast, overstable drivers, low profile mids that fit in the hand like a distance driver, and some of (if not the best) putters on the market will find their way into your bag.  While advanced players will love the stability, newer players alike will find discs like the Apache, Element, and Magic great choices to try.

Don’t forget our latest promotion only last for a few more days…spend $40 or more and receive a FREE Gateway X-Out disc.  These discs have slight cosmetic flaws and/or misprinted stamps, but they fly just like a full price discs.  Yours free with a $40 purchase!

Disc is how we do it!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a disc!

Posted by Wallace on 5/6/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Actually plenty of golf discs and numerous flyovers from nearby Lackland Air Force Base made last Saturday a blast at the San Antonio Open.  The event marked the 3rd outing in the Alamo Disc Series hosted by the San Antonio Disc Club, presented by Disc Golf Station.  Aside from some sporadic winds, the day was beautiful and perfect for some discin.  Standing water from recent flash floods added extra O.B. challenges, and wildflower growth created some very narrow fairways on a few holes.  The gameplay wasn’t affected, however, thanks to johnny-on-the-spot TD Scott Hougland who implemented last minute spotting regulations.  And to top off the day, yours truly won the Ace Pot throw off after the second round. :-D

Points Leaders in the Series to date:

Open Men – Pete Lopez

Advanced Men – Marcos Castillo

Intermediate Men – Joel Santrock

Recreational Men – Mike Morales

Look for the next qualifier for the Series finale down in Gonzales on August 21, 2010, hosted by Third Coast.

Disc is how we do it!

Disc Golf Practice Ideas: Part 1

Posted by Grant on 4/15/2010 to General

Sometimes you need a change of pace.  Sometimes you need a break from just “playing lots of rounds” of disc golf.  Sometimes you, no – WE, need to actually practice.  When I first started playing, the concept of actually practicing rather than always playing was non-existent.  I figured I would just play a lot and eventually get better.  I will practice my putting via all of the disc golf I played.  It’s kinda like saying “I’ll work on my free throws when I get fouled in the game.”

But practicing is boring and disc golf is fun.  Yes, I understand the dilemma.  Here’s the first idea to help you practice while maximizing the fun factor.  (Besides at the end of the day, being better at disc golf is fun…)

Really Great Idea #1: The Two Disc Round

First off, make a buddy do this with you.  Choose your favorite putter and mid-range disc, you will play the round with ONLY these two discs, hence the name.  Go to whatever course you want but you can only use those two discs.  For me, it’s  a Pro-D Banger and an ESP Buzzz.

One round like this every other month will keep you grounded.  Expect to learn your discs very well.  You may be surprised at how far you can throw your putter and mid-range and the different lines that you can get but otherwise wouldn’t try if X or Y disc was in your bag.  The first thing that I noticed was that I can use putters and mid-ranges MUCH more often than I used to.  Ideally, you could always use a very slow, easily-controlled disc for every shot.  Well, if you work on expanding the utility of your slowest, straightest discs, you will see a difference in your game.  Seriously, why would you use a high speed, overstable, maximum distance driver for a 200 ft open hole?  Even small arms can push that mid-range out near the 200 foot mark.  Try me!

Now, feel free to get creative but I like the putter/mid-range combo because it will emphasize control, accuracy, and throwing smooth.  It forces you not to overwork your discs, like I’m in the habit of doing. (Hey just boom it man!…not good disc golf philosophy usually…)  Ok, get out there and try it, let me know if you see a difference.

See ya on the course!


A Bright Idea

Posted by Wallace on 2/2/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Playing Texas State University’s West Campus Park one night with my buddy, I achieved a feat thought to be most impossible.  The sun set on our round long about hole 13.  Now on #17, we’re just trying to hurry up and go home.  For those of you that haven’t played the new layout, 17 tees from Ranch Road 12 and shoots down a 250 ft. tunnel of disc grabbing live oak trees only to take a 90 degree left dogleg for 75 feet through two mature oaks to a heavily guarded basket.  Route after route I’ve tried to make that turn to set up a long birdie. 

Well tonight, in the dark, and I’ll get back to that history making I was talking about earlier in a minute, I try a big S-Curve that will fade back across the turn and jump in the basket. (why not, here’s to hoping).  In fact, a par will give me my best round out here by a single stroke.  Ryde or dye baby.  I throw a FLX Surge off of the tee and start it out to the left and it turned over as expected. Period.  End of shot.  No flexing back tonight.  As described I’m now nestled (euphemism for I have no clue where my disc is) in the live oaks and the rock boulders that line the hill on the right.  After a short search, we find the disc.  I’m roughly pin high and about 150 ft out and elevated above the basket by oh how about 15 ft.  

Hey, here’s a plan. Throw your ESP Avenger that is bright yellow, you know, so you will be able to find it really easy.  My only shot option was overhand, so I do an easy thumber that is supposed to jump in the chains for an easy two.  As you can tell already, logic and reason have weighed heavily into my shot selection thus far on 17, so here I go with an unsafe, barely balanced upshot thumber above 40 foot trees.  Well I make a great shot (except for that tree of course).  I immediately begin searching for my disc by checking the chains.  (aw man, just missed em!)  So we begin searching for it in the limbs.  The brush.   The branches.  The leaves.  Okay now I’m a little peeved cause I ain’t finding it.  I climb the tree and start looking.  I’m about 15 feet off the ground and in the dark and shaking limbs (more evidence of my affinity for intellectual thought. 

After 15 minutes, my pal heads for my truck to get some flashlights.  Luckily a dim stream of “light” was peering out of one of them so I could try to find the disc.  Brent heads back and decides to put the headlights on the tree.  Helps but still no dice.  He goes back to the truck and seems up to something but I don’t ask.  I’m just too frustrated and stubborn to give up this disc.  THEN I SAW IT!

Much to my dismay the disc is 25 ft up this behemoth of a tree.  So, here I start in with the rock throwing.  No friend in sight.  Where is that guy?  Chunking more rocks.  Finally I see headlights pulling up the fairway.  I’m a little worried until I realized it was my truck that my friend had driven onto the course to shine the lights closer.  Now we’re in business.  After a few America’s Funniest Home Video-esque moments of stupidity, like throwing rocks in the direction of my new truck, or like throwing rocks in the dark that land a foot in front of you when they come crashing to the ground, I finally make some contact.  Darn, nothing.  Then BAM I nail the disc smack in the middle.  I wait for it to fall.  Wait where is it??????  After a brief search, I spotted the disc.  Still in the tree.  Higher than before.  *There are no words to describe the rapidity with which my heart sank in this moment*  HOW IS IT EVEN PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN?!?

To make a long story slightly shorter, I will wrap it up.  It took about 10 more frustrated and hilarious minutes to knock it back down to earth where my ego had been lying dazed from its earlier collapse.  Disc in hand, we make it out of the course unnoticed.  Didn’t lose any plastic and managed to avoid bodily harm despite foolish ideas like tightroping atop branches.  Moral of the story-think twice before throwing into hundred year old trees,  always bring working flashlights, shoot smart in the dark, start the round earlier, put glow lights on the disc before throwing it in the dark, throw a GLO Stalker instead, take the high percentage shot, and let’s be honest this list could go on for a while.

Although it was quite memorable, I’m not really begging for another scene like this anytime soon.  Nevertheless, see ya on the course!

Disc is how we do it.

So I waited 20 minutes…

Posted by Grant on 1/25/2010 to General

This first part has nothing to do with disc golf.  It has everything to do with waiting in line at Kroger for 20 minutes behind this lady.  So, last night my wife and I are shopping for groceries for the week and I turned out to be the cart pusher when it came time to choose a checkout lane.  We had too many things for the speedy line and thus too many for my own self to do at the self-checkout…how does that work anyway-me do Kroger’s work for them?  We found ourselves pulling into what seemed to be a good line choice.  There was just one customer in line and she already had most of her items on the conveyor.

“How bad could this be I said to myself?”  “Not very,” I said back.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Turns out she had more items than it first appeared.  Quite a pack rat of the grocery basket she was.  Ok, so it’s looking like it’s going to cost a ton so my wife and I took an over/under on $350 for the total cost of this lady’s trip to Kroger.  My wife goes over so by default I’ve got to make it a competition and go under.  So my wife gets in position to eavesdrop and see/hear how much money it’s going to be and then…..

The unthinkable happened.  This lady pulls out an envelope an inch thick and hands it to the cashier.  It’s full of coupons.  FULL.  OF COUPONS.  She was going to need them to because the total had escalated to $430.  I was WAY off calling under on $350.  The cashier rings up every coupon.  Cost her $180.  Wait…what!!!  $250 in coupons.  Are you kidding me?  This woman’s rudeness and gall at hogging the lane for 20 minutes quickly became sheer brilliance.  My wife and I just looked at each other shaking our heads.

The moral of this story is not that somehow I won that over/under….it’s START USING COUPONS!

Also, reminders:

  1. Renew your PDGA membership
  2. Ratings update, check out your new rating now on PDGA’s website.
  3. Go to Disc Golf Station for great deals on golf discs.

See ya on the course!


Disc Golf (and other) thoughts

Posted by Grant on 1/4/2010 to General

Disc Golf Thought

I’m so excited for the new year and a fresh outlook on disc golf.  I’ve really been working on getting a good pull back on my drives.  I’ve always short-armed or at best managed a three-quarter pull back.  After just a few tries, I drove my Nuke over 400 ft on hole 4 at North Park.  This was my wake up call…what am I waiting on…so – next time you see me on the course, if I’m not pulling back you slap my stupid face!

Slap me silly if I don't start pulling back!

Non-Disc Golf Thought

I want to read 52 books this year.  Last year was a down year for my personal reading.  In 2009, I only read 23 books at an average of 283 pages/book.  This came out to 17.83 pages a day.  Compare that to 2008 where I read 44 books, 231 pages/book, and 27.9 pages a day.  Gotta make more time to read.  Reading is an escape, a learning experience, a journey, a personal time of solace, and an intake of culture, history, and countless perspectives all rolled into one.

Back to the Golf di Frisbee

I enjoyed meeting some fellow players from DG Course Review at Arcadia Park in Fort Worth for a draw doubles mini on January 2nd.  It was a lot of fun and I look forward to playing disc golf with these guys again.  Supposedly, we’re playing at North Park this weekend but with temperatures in the teens as they predict, my warm blood might stay inside.

Non-Disc Golf

The Dallas Cowboys are on fire!  They finally fixed their December woes and look to be one of the favorites heading into the playoffs.  Now what they REALLY have to do is WIN a playoff game.  No more flopping down the stretch ‘Boys…let’s go!

Go 'Boys!

Final Disc Golf Thinkings

This year is going to be huge for disc golf.  Make sure you renew your PDGA Membership (or get one for the first time)!  Join a club, play minis, play sanctioned tourneys, invite your friends and family to play, and keep having fun!

See ya on the course!


Disc Golf Resolutions

Posted by Grant on 12/30/2009 to General

As the new year is upon us, we can’t help but reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The best-of and worst-of lists are dominating news and comedy shows.  One of my personal favorites is the Conan bit during Y2K… “in the year 2000, in the year 2000.”  Maybe you’re already planning a few improvements for you in 2010.  With our first child on the way, my wife and I have a lot to ponder during this season.  We have tons of new experiences about to hit us this spring. 

Along with my personal and family goals, I have some goals for my disc golf game.  I want to play more tournaments this year and focus more on my technical skill.  2009 has been more about distance and power.  To raise my PDGA rating, I will be practicing a lot of putting as well as a lot of attention to my form.  Learning to use more “touch” is something on my to-do list.  Have you thought about what you might want to do with your disc golf life in 2010?  Do you play competitively?  Are you looking to increase skill level, place higher in tournaments?  Perhaps not.  Maybe your goal is to simply play a round a month.  Maybe you want to introduce disc golf to a friend or family member.  How about trying another flying disc sport, like Ultimate or Freestyle, or just good ole catch!  Whatever your goal, I hope it is one that is meaningful to you and is something you can reasonably attain.  So, go ahead and scratch off beating Ken Climo, and give yourself a goal that will keep you focused and enjoying this awesome sport.  Take a second and participate in the polls and let us know what you’re thinking for 2010. And don’t say Arby’s.

Happy New Year!

Disc is how we do it.


If I got one wish in 2010, I would...
In 2010, I want to...
Total Votes: 34
2010 would rock if...

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 12/25/2009 to General

and in Fort Worth, Texas, sure enough the magic of snowfall at Christmas time was more than abundant.  That’s in our Texan terms.  2 inches of snow on the ground AND it didn’t melt in an hour.  Yankees try to stifle your laughter, but for us Texas guys and gals, this was a Christmas treat we haven’t seen in many, many years.  In true Texas fashion, our round yesterday at Bear Creek Park in Grapevine, TX was played in 70 degree and sunny weather and less than 24 hours go by before we see snow falling for hours at a time.  Who woulda thought.

ESP Discraft Nuke

My Nuke in the Texas Snow.

My brother and I have been spending lots of time out on the course this week.  We’ve been throwing the Nuke around, and so far both of us are really enjoying Discraft’s newest edition to their lineup.  It is crazy fast.  Put it on a good line because once you release, it is GONE.  It’s fun to watch a fast disc take off and fly.  What I like personally is that this speed demon isn’t so overstable that I can’t throw the thing relatively straight.  Fast drivers are great, and it’s wonderful to have one that isn’t a meathook out of the box.  Once beaten in, I predict that this disc is going to be perfect for maximum distance with soft S-curves.  I love the stamp-it reminds me of something out of Back to the Future.

Saturday morning, December 26, we will be out at North Park in Haltom City, TX cleaning up the course with the locals at 9am.  If you are in the DFW, TX area we could use your help.  If not, don’t forget to help out your local club when they have work days.  Your sacrifice of a few hours every once in a while keeps our courses enjoyable for everyone.  Most parks and rec departments alone won’t maintain the courses to the level we want, so it’s up to us, the disc golf community, to get the job done.  I know I don’t even have to say this but don’t forget your discs- all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.  :-)

Merry Christmas to all!  Hope your holidays are jolly!

See ya on the course,


Another way to play (part 1)

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 12/13/2009 to General

Yeah yeah yeah disc golf rocks.  We all know that.  I could play any day of the week.   Good round, bad round and anything in between and still be content playing this sport.  9, 18, 27, 36, 72… however many holes suit your fancy.  Nuff said.  You get the point.  I love to play the game and so do you.

Just to spice it up a bit, try some alternative formats to keep your gameplay interesting.


Try Doubles!

Doubles-Teams are a fun choice.  There is less pressure and there can be some fun strategy involved, depending on the format.  The most common team game is played with a partner and is scored exactly the same as traditional disc golf scoring.

note: there are many variations on doubles format and on playing with a Cali.  Feel free to adapt the gameplay to make it satisfying for your group!

1.  Best Shot-Partners tee off and choose which lie to take of their own two shots.  From the chosen lie, they both make upshots.  Again, they choose one of the shots to take for their 3rd shot and so on until they hole out.

2.  Alternating Shot-Partners shoot in alternating turns, taking only one shot per team (not per player!) from each lie.  Ex: Andrew tees off for Team #1.  Andrew’s partner, Brandon, will then play Andrew’s drive for Team #1′s upshot.  Andrew will play the next shot and so on until Team #1 finishes the hole.  If Andrew putts successfully into the basket, Brandon will tee off on the next hole.

3.  Worst Shot-Beware, this is the most frustrating format for doubles.  It is played exactly like best shot, except your opponents will choose which lie that your team will play.  It can get ruthless, especially with O.B., water hazards, lost disc, etc.  A team has completed the hole once both players have completed the hole from the same lie.

*Also try Tough Shot.  Same as Worst shot, but the hole is considered finished when only one player has successfully putted in the basket.

4.  Best Disc (Best score)-essentially plays as a singles game.  Partners will take the best score on the hole as the team score.  Ex: Andrew bogeys with a 4 while Brandon pars the hole with a 3.  Andrew and Brandon’s team will write a 3 down on their scorecard.

5.  “Cali”-  Cali is a solo man’s double’s team.  WHAT?? Say you have 5 players but want to play doubles.  You can play with two teams of two players and have one player designated as the Cali.  The Cali will play alone, but will receive one extra shot(mulligan) per hole at his/her discretion with no stroke penalty.

For instance,  the Cali steps up to the tee armed with THE FORCE and bombs a backhand…straight into the rough on the left.  Cali, what were you thinking trying to make a left to right fairway with an extremely overstable driver?!?  Now would be the perfect time for the Cali to take that extra shot (mulligan).  Maybe try a Pro-D XL or something similiar that can hold an anhyzer line and finish right for you.

Lets say Mr. Cali tees off on hole two with an accurate middle of the fairway lie 20 feet from the target.  Well, Mr. Cali will probably choose to save that mulligan for a second putt should he misfire on his first attempt.

Try playing "Cali" when you're odd man out playing doubles.

Try a doubles format next time you have a chance.  You may find it to be very enjoyable!  It is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the wonderful sport of disc golf.

See ya on the course!

Disc Golf Ace – Hole 1 Tommy and Sue Brown Park

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 11/21/2009 to General

Well my personal disc golf ace challenge at Tommy and Sue Brown Park in North Richland Hills, Texas is taking longer than I would like but here is the latest addition.  2 down 4 to go!  I used a Lightning #1 Hyzer.

There’s more to come, soon.  Hope everyone is getting some good disc golf in over Thanksgiving break!

See ya on the course!


Wanna Fly Forever?

Posted by Administrator on 11/12/2009 to Frisbee Golf

Steady Ed Headrick, the Father of Disc Golf, created the first Disc Pole Hole in 1975, and the sport we now know as disc golf received the breath of life.  A Wham-O employee, Steady Ed transformed throwing “frisbee” discs, traditionally a child’s game, into a legitimate sport for all ages.  Near the pioneer’s death, he made it clear to his family his wishes for his afterlife.  Ed dreamed of flying on after his death in the form of his beloved discs!  After his cremation, his family had his remains poured into the mixture of a special run of discs. Steady Ed’s son Daniel is quoted, “He said he wanted to end up in a Frisbee that accidentally lands on someone’s roof.” 

Steady Ed is a LEGEND, and disc golf wouldn’t be here without him.  Whether you buy one of his memorial discs or not, take a moment the next time you play to toss a disc in honor of the Father of Disc Golf!

What do you think of Steady Ed's Memorial Discs?


Why won’t they let us play through?!?

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 10/26/2009 to General

You know you and your disc golf buddies best of all, and you can make the decision on your style of play (assuming the course traffic is low enough).  I’m not here to tell you what you HAVE to do, but here is some common disc golf etiquette that will help keep all on the course safe and happy.

Grant parking a drive at Arroyos y Camisos

1. ALWAYS wait until the path is clear to throw.  Wait until the group ahead finishes the hole before you tee off.  Use a spotter if needed. This includes pedestrians, cars, pets, etc.

2. WHEN a smaller/faster group is coming up behind you, any of the following options are a good choice.

-Finish the hole you’re on, and wait at the next tee and allow them to “play through.”

-Finish the hole you’re on, and ask if they want to play the next hole with you, then allow them to play through.

-Move to the side and let them tee off and play through while your safely standing on the edge of the fairway.

3.  If your group is the faster party and are approaching a slower/larger group, be patient and polite as you attempt to “play through.” Remember #1-DO NOT throw your disc unless the group ahead knows you are throwing and have taken precaution.    Most people are keen to proper etiquette and will let you go right ahead.  If the group isn’t picking up on your body language while you wait 15 minutes for them to finish a single hole, you have some options

-It is acceptable to politely ask for the courtesy of playing through.

-Skip the hole and move ahead.  You can play the hole later, or just forget it.

-Sit down, grab a drink, turn your iPOD on, send some texts and  just simply play slower.

Be smart, use common sense.

Grab some gear and get on the course.

Disc is how we do it.


Latest happenings

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 9/22/2009 to General

Grant here.  Lots of good things are happening here at Disc Golf Station.  We’ve got a new promotion on Discwing Discs-this week only, save up to $3 per disc of the list price.  If you want to try a disc from across the Atlantic Ocean, the time is now! 

Clint and I went out this past weekend to try to get ace #2 at Tommy and Sue Brown.  I hit basket off the tee three different times but just COULDN’T get it to go.  We’ll get back after this week and hopefully you will be seeing another ace video soon.

It’s been raining heavily in the Dallas Fort Worth area for about two weeks now so opportunities to play disc golf have been limited.  Also the creeks are HIGH right now.  Arcadia’s disc-eatin Hole 17 is especially bad right now. 

I’m itching to take a disc golf excursion to some new states….would love suggestions! 

I’ll get back at you in a few days.

See ya on the course,


Disc Golf Ace Challenge-Volume 1

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 9/7/2009 to Disc Golf Courses

This is the first installment of a new series: Disc Golf Ace Challenge.  I’m starting with Tommy and Sue Brown Park in North Richland Hills, Texas.  My goal and challenge to myself  is to record myself bagging all 6 holes on this course.  Clint manned the camera today as we got footage of the first ace.  This was also my first forehand ace-I’ve hit basket and chained out many forehand shots but I’m glad that one finally stuck!

Here is Hole 4 (160 ft) , Tommy and Sue Brown park:


I’ve already aced Hole 2 many months ago but will get video of it to prove it to the world!  My goal is by Thanksgiving to have all 6 aces taped and posted on our Youtube channel.  We want everyone to post video responses on Youtube of their own aces!

Check back often for the next ace!

Also, don’t forget to review products at Disc Golf Station for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Disc Golf Station.  Go here for more details.