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Discraft just took it to the next level. Titanium is the newest line from Discraft; a best-of-both-worlds combination of Elite-Z and ESP.  More grip and durability than ever before.  Not to mention the discs are unique and B-U-tiful.  Check out some samples:

Compare to other Discraft Discs in your bag:

Titanium Comparison
Titanium Comparison

Currently released models are the Ti Buzzz and the Ti Stalker.  Other models to be run in Titanium Plastic and released in the coming months: Ti Force and Ti Nuke.  Throw Titanium!

Is summer here already?

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Updated 4-27-11 (see new name of Vibram disc below)
Well, Summer is (un)officially here in Texas...once you hit 90+ for many days it's not Spring anymore.  Texas (and the rest of the South) like to do things their own way.  There's not waiting around for the Summer Solstice to kick start Summer. 
Disc Golf Station is gearing up for one more C-Tier tournament this weekend before a 5 month hiatus from tournaments.  The San Antonio Open will be held at Pearsall in southern San Antonio this year and promises to be a good one.  The course is looking great, the grass is mowed and ready.  DGS will be there with the fly-mart and handling payout.
Vibram Updates
We caught up with "the Vibram Disc Golf Guy" recently, Steve Dodge.  We met at a new 9-hole disc golf course in Kennedale called Sonora Park.  We held a short Vibram Disc Golf Demo to talk about the new discs on the way and to spread the good word about Vibram and played a mini-tournament after.  Grant and Clint with Steve Dodge (Center) of VibramLawrence/Alex/Bacon/whatever you want to call him came through big for DGS and Vibram and got around 40 people out to the mini on just a few days notice.  Most were from the Funkytown Flyers (a Fort Worth and DFW disc golf club). 
Steve Dodge and the folks at Vibram have been hard at work developing new discs.  They are working on a "putting" putter that features a more rounded top edge (as opposed to the flatter flight plates of the current lineup).  It's looks and feels similar to an Aviar. 
They are also working a straight flying mid-range.  I've seen the prototype in action and it's maybe best described as a "beat Roc."  More info to come!
My favorite of the new discs coming soon is the compliment to the Ascent (stable to overstable fairway driver), the Trek.  We got some prototypes from Vibram a few days ago and I've been throwing them around some of the fairways at Arcadia Park when my wife and I take the baby for a walk at night.  I am LOVING the new Trek, it's a stable to understable fairway driver that is FUN to throw.
Every once in a while you just throwing a disc.  It might become my go-to utility disc/control driver.  It's fast but so easy to throw.  I glides well and goes where you tell it.  There is a dependable fade but this is no meathook.  It stays straight and true for a long time.  Look for Disc Golf Station to have these asap! (approximately early June)
Update: The new name of the Trek will be the Trak.  There is a Vibram facility named the Trek that would have caused onto the new name!  "What's in a name....a disc this good by any name would fly as sweet."  I think that's how it goes...
Now go outside and throw your discs before it gets too hot and Summer is everywhere!
See ya on the course,

Disc Golf in the Olympics

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It’s an interesting thought. People have been talking about this for a while now. I’m sure there are many disc golf enthusiasts out there saying “Yea, that would be awesome, but there’s no way Disc Golf will be in the Olympics”. I wouldn’t be so sure. Think about this. What is the closest sport to Disc Golf? I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the name “Disc Golf”. Golf (or “Ball” Golf, as most Frolfers like to refer to it) has been re-introduced into the Olympics and will be taking the stage in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Disc Golf in the OlympicsThere were 7 sports competing for two open slots, two of which were Squash and Roller Sports?  Needless to say, Golf made it in pretty handily.


So if Golf can make it into the Olympics, why not the disc equivalent?  It’s Golf meets the discus throw, which is completely iconic for the Olympic Games.  Makes sense to me.  


To get into the Olympic program, you have to have a sport that is widely practiced around the world.  Then, after being approved as a candidate, the governing body (PDGA, in this case) has to present its case to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and then they vote.  If the PDGA were up against, say the USARS…. Maybe there would be a chance.  What is exciting though is that is making huge strides to increase the reach of disc golf internationally.  With the birth of the Disc Golf Presidents Cup & the European Open, both founded in 2006, talk of the sport is spreading across the globe at a rapid pace.


I’m going to be realistic for a second.  According to the PDGA International Demographics, the growth is actually on the decline.  What I mean by that, is that growth of international courses being built and official PDGA members signing on is lessoning.  However, I will say, that although the “growth” is on a decline, when you think about there being 567 international members back in 2005 vs. 1,438 PDGA members in 2009, you start to think that there’s something there.  And while it might still take another decade or so, Disc Golf (thanks much in part to the PDGA) is becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Now, to end this thing, I want to show you how peoples’ interests might be changing a bit.  Only 555 people signed the petition for Disc Golf to be in the 2012 Olympics.  That said, already, there are 1,946 signatures for the inclusion of Disc Golf in the 2016 Olympics.  Before you start rounding up your posse to sign this thing, just know that the application process must take a minimum of six years.  So, although there is no hope of Disc Golf being included in the 2016 Olympics, who’s to say what’s in store for 2020.


For now, Disc Golf Station is going to take just a little poll to see what your thoughts are…

5 Disc Golf App Reviews

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If you've got an iPhone, then check out these Disc Golf Apps.  Some are good, some are bad, all are Frisbee related...
Disc Golf Tracker - $0.99

Disc Golf Tracker is a scorecard app.  I think the best thing for a scorecard app is for it to be simple.  While this app is fairly simple, you still have to click a few times to record your score, which I don’t particularly like.


The best thing about this app is that you can take pictures within the app itself for players and even courses.  Here is me messing with Disc Golf Tracker.




Disc Golf Tracker



You can add handicaps and even send your final scores via email and facebook.  If you’re looking for a cheaper scorecard app (or you just prefer real images), but still keep track of your scores, then get this app.


A lot of people are talking about how they love the User-Interface… I don’t see it (the shot above is the coolest thing about this app…).

DiscGolf - $1.99 –
The name doesn’t leave you much to go on, so I will enlighten you.  The DiscGolf App for the iPhone is a great way to keep score of all your rounds.  It’s very easy to use with fantastic graphics.  There are two things that I love about this app.  First of all, when you are trying to record your score, you want it simple (like I said above).  You don’t want to have to fumble around and click more than, say, 5 times to enter your score.  You want to record it and move on to the next hole.  With DiscGolf, just click a player and one of the numbers.  You don’t even have to type anything.  Done!

 DiscGolf App

DiscGolf App 


Secondly, this app is great for keeping a history of your rounds.  Not only is there a history built in to reference whenever you like, but immediately following your round, you can email yourself (or post that bad boy to Facebook) and your friends the scorecard with all the info.  You can even track of everything in Excel if you wanna be weird.


One word of advise though.  We were playing out on the course and needed to take a look at the actual scorecard and it took me forever to find it.  It’s the tiny “Options” link at the top.  Then, Summary. 




Pocket Putt - $1.99 -

This app is not worth $0.99, let alone $1.99.  It’s a lot like the popular app, Paper Toss, except not as fun.  This is a game where you slide your finger up the screen to try and sink your putt.  There is nothing else to it.  The only thing I like about it is the serene environment it places you in.  It has great graphics, little moving wind lines and cute bird-chirpy noises, but that’s where the goodness ends.  And, although I will say, I wish some of the other apps had cute bird-chirpy noises, this app is kinda boring.  I only review this app to say, please don’t get it.  Even if you do like it, you won’t after 2 minutes.


It looks cooler than it is…



Pocket Putt




iDisc Golf Pro - $0.99 –

First things first.  Go to Options.  Turn OFF Background Music and turn ON Sound Effects.  I don’t know why the default is the other way around, because that Music will get into your head and you will want to shoot yourself in the face. 


This is a fun little disc golf game.  If you are thinking of disc golf but you can’t play because you’re stuck at the doctor’s office or at work… you can always get a quick round in with this app.  There aren’t a lot of disc golf game apps out there, so there isn’t a lot to compare it to, but I will say it can be addicting.  You just roll your finger up the screen to shoot and can even do anhyzer and hyzer throws. 


iDisc Golf Pro


What would make this game way better is if you could connect two iPhones and play together.  But instead you have to switch the phone back and forth.  Also, there are only 4 courses to choose from.  That’s pretty lame.  But, like I said, there aren’t a lot of disc golf game apps out there, so if I had to choose one, it would be iDisc Golf Pro.  It really is quite enjoyable.  Aside from the wind having an abnormally large effect on the disc, the overall environment of the game is fairly accurate.  Play conservative, play smart and you will win.  Just make sure you don’t putt with your driver J.  If you are on a road trip with a fellow disc golf buddy, download this app and you guys (or gals) will enjoy countless minutes of disc golfy goodness.  By the way, there is a free version, iDisc Golf Lite, if you’d like to try that one out.




DG Caddy - $1.99 -

Yet another scorecard app.  First off, I will say this is great because you can really learn a lot about your game.  It has something that no other app can offer you.  History of your shots.  You can add discs to the app (including images).  Then you can record what shots you took, whether it was right-hand, back-hand, how much hyzer you used and then rate it.  You can go back at look and see how you did and what you need to work on. 


DG Caddy



If you are looking for a different type of app that offers some actual feedback about your game, then I would give this one a shot.  Throw tracking can take forever!  But if you’re diligent you might actually get something out of this.






Doodle Ultimate - $0.99 -

Ok, I know this app isn’t for disc golf, but it’s still really fun!  I will admit, after I downloaded this app, I sat there for about 30 minutes straight, playing, trying to get better to get to “Hard”.  But you won’t win at Hard… It’s a very simple game with simple controls and honestly, I couldn’t even figure out how to go back to the menu to end a game. 


And if you play good enough defense, the computer will never throw.  But you just have to give the other guy some space to bait him a little bit.  I don’t play Ultimate, so I don’t know all the rules, but it seems like you should have to throw the disc at some point…


Is this app worth $0.99?  Maybe not.  But you could have a lot of fun with it for a little while like I did.

Happy New Year from Disc Golf Station!

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Happy New Year to you and yours from Disc Golf Station!  Hope you guys have an awesome 2011 in disc golf and in life.  I know I'm looking forward to improving my game and PDGA rating.  Bottom line is...I have to practice more.  My 8-month old son and beautiful wife say different.  :-)

Here are some of my disc golf goals for 2011 (in no particular order):

  • Improve my PDGA rating to 935 (this is probably the hardest of the bunch)
  • Play 53 or better at my home course, Arcadia Park.
  • Play 49 or better at my other home course, North Park
  • 5 aces, I don't care what anybody says about aces not being important...I love the feeling of seeing it happen, it jazzes me for the next I want more...
  • Win my division (Intermediate) at a PDGA tournament
  • Win the Intermediate Division of the 2011 Alamo Disc Series sponsored by!
  • Have more fun than stress
We are one week away from the 1st event in the 2011 Alamo Disc Series, the Nightmare at Nani.  It's January 8th at Nani Falcone Park and features one round in the afternoon followed by a round at night with glow/lighted discs.  This year it's an XC Tier so come on out. 

See ya on the course in 2011,