Golden Retriever - Save your discs and money!

Posted by Grant on 3/4/2011 to Friday Minute Clinic
It's Friday again and that means...Friday Minute Clinic.  In under 60 seconds, we'll show you a great way to protect your investment (your discs) while maintaining your sanity.  The Golden Retriever is a handy way to retrieve discs out of the water.  You already lost a stroke, you don't have to lose your disc too!

I have used the Golden Retriever countless times to save my discs as well as my friends discs.  And I'm always Johnny-on-the-spot when I walk by some poor soul that is staring blankly in dismay at his frisbee that is visible but not get-able.  They are oh so confused when I say "don't worry, I've got a Golden Retriever."

Check it out!

Have a great weekend and save someone's disc for them!

See ya on the course and hopefully not in the creek,


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