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Golf Discs are not your father's frisbees.  They are specially designed for flying far, fast, and accurate.  Disc Golf Drivers will get you down the fairway in a hurry.  They feature a low profile and are built for speed.  Mid-Range Golf Discs combine accuracy with speed and distance.  They won't fly as far as the Drivers but will be on target; they are also easier to control.  When you get close to the basket, you want to pull out a Putter.  That's right, you "putt" with Golf Discs.  Putters typically fly straight and slow and are very easy to control.

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Discraft Pro-D Rattler Putter Disc
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Discraft ESP Force Driver Disc
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Discraft Elite-X Avenger Driver
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Discraft Elite-Z Surge Driver
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Gateway Scout Mid-Range Disc (E-Series, HPP)
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