Happy New Year from Disc Golf Station!

Posted by Grant on 1/1/2011 to General
Happy New Year to you and yours from Disc Golf Station!  Hope you guys have an awesome 2011 in disc golf and in life.  I know I'm looking forward to improving my game and PDGA rating.  Bottom line is...I have to practice more.  My 8-month old son and beautiful wife say different.  :-)

Here are some of my disc golf goals for 2011 (in no particular order):

  • Improve my PDGA rating to 935 (this is probably the hardest of the bunch)
  • Play 53 or better at my home course, Arcadia Park.
  • Play 49 or better at my other home course, North Park
  • 5 aces, I don't care what anybody says about aces not being important...I love the feeling of seeing it happen, it jazzes me for the next I want more...
  • Win my division (Intermediate) at a PDGA tournament
  • Win the Intermediate Division of the 2011 Alamo Disc Series sponsored by!
  • Have more fun than stress
We are one week away from the 1st event in the 2011 Alamo Disc Series, the Nightmare at Nani.  It's January 8th at Nani Falcone Park and features one round in the afternoon followed by a round at night with glow/lighted discs.  This year it's an XC Tier so come on out. 

See ya on the course in 2011,


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