I’m excited about disc golf right now.

Posted by Grant on 3/30/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Reason #1:

Last Saturday, I hit my 7th ace!  It was a beautiful shot with a pink, 173g Discraft Elite-Z Wasp on Hole 5 at North Park in Haltom City.  Hole 5 is only 220 ft but features a soft hyzer route that has two trees guarding the last 30 feet of your flight path to the basket.  You either have to zing it straight in or plan on your disc fading hard left to get around the arboles.  I chose the “straight in” option.  After a “go baby go” to help it go in I let out a holler and enjoyed the rest of my day because of a few special seconds of watching a golf disc fly.

Reason #2:

Disc Golf Station now carries Gateway Discs.  We are very pleased to announce it here first!  Within a week, you will be able to purchase great products from Gateway including some of the best putters on the market.  The discs are currently on their way from Missouri.  Can’t wait!

Reason #3:

We get to play a tournament this weekend.  Looking forward to the Hill Country Throwdown.  If you haven’t signed up, do it now!  See you in Boerne!

See ya on the course!


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