Is summer here already?

Posted by Grant on 4/26/2011 to General
Updated 4-27-11 (see new name of Vibram disc below)
Well, Summer is (un)officially here in Texas...once you hit 90+ for many days it's not Spring anymore.  Texas (and the rest of the South) like to do things their own way.  There's not waiting around for the Summer Solstice to kick start Summer. 
Disc Golf Station is gearing up for one more C-Tier tournament this weekend before a 5 month hiatus from tournaments.  The San Antonio Open will be held at Pearsall in southern San Antonio this year and promises to be a good one.  The course is looking great, the grass is mowed and ready.  DGS will be there with the fly-mart and handling payout.
Vibram Updates
We caught up with "the Vibram Disc Golf Guy" recently, Steve Dodge.  We met at a new 9-hole disc golf course in Kennedale called Sonora Park.  We held a short Vibram Disc Golf Demo to talk about the new discs on the way and to spread the good word about Vibram and played a mini-tournament after.  Grant and Clint with Steve Dodge (Center) of VibramLawrence/Alex/Bacon/whatever you want to call him came through big for DGS and Vibram and got around 40 people out to the mini on just a few days notice.  Most were from the Funkytown Flyers (a Fort Worth and DFW disc golf club). 
Steve Dodge and the folks at Vibram have been hard at work developing new discs.  They are working on a "putting" putter that features a more rounded top edge (as opposed to the flatter flight plates of the current lineup).  It's looks and feels similar to an Aviar. 
They are also working a straight flying mid-range.  I've seen the prototype in action and it's maybe best described as a "beat Roc."  More info to come!
My favorite of the new discs coming soon is the compliment to the Ascent (stable to overstable fairway driver), the Trek.  We got some prototypes from Vibram a few days ago and I've been throwing them around some of the fairways at Arcadia Park when my wife and I take the baby for a walk at night.  I am LOVING the new Trek, it's a stable to understable fairway driver that is FUN to throw.
Every once in a while you just throwing a disc.  It might become my go-to utility disc/control driver.  It's fast but so easy to throw.  I glides well and goes where you tell it.  There is a dependable fade but this is no meathook.  It stays straight and true for a long time.  Look for Disc Golf Station to have these asap! (approximately early June)
Update: The new name of the Trek will be the Trak.  There is a Vibram facility named the Trek that would have caused onto the new name!  "What's in a name....a disc this good by any name would fly as sweet."  I think that's how it goes...
Now go outside and throw your discs before it gets too hot and Summer is everywhere!
See ya on the course,

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