It’s How You Play the Game! ARRRGHH

Posted by Clint on 7/2/2010 to Frisbee

List of priorities…


  2. GOD

  3. Family

  4. Job

  5. Girlfriend

………A list…..not MY list…..

We sell a lot of Ultimate Discs, so I’m well aware of the popularity of the sport.  I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people out there playing Ultimate Frisbee are playing pick-up games in the park or maybe even less organized than that.  Like, “Hey guys, let’s go play some Ultimate!”, get some friends together, water bottles to properly hydrate yourself and your buddy and have at it.  But if you’re out there running around, diving for the disc and gettin all scraped up, whether you’re on a team in an Ultimate League or just playing in a pick-up game, it can get pretty intense……..some are just more intense than others……..

I hope you Ultimate nuts out there have a good sense of humor.  Now we need to track down a good roast of disc golfers and all will be well!

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