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Lake Eureka DGC

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Lake Eureka: this course is relatively short other than 9 and 10; every hole but 9, 10, and 16 are really short (mostly mid-ranges and fairway drivers but the holes are really really tight) Very wooded course so wear long socks or pants! 1: short uphill hole with trees on either side off the tee; there are woods on the left and behind the basket; the right side is open 2: very tough hole; starts out open and then there is a ten foot tunnel that goes uphill to the basket; about 75 feet to the tunnel 3: Very tough and short hole which turns slightly right and then back to the left; there is a lane but it is easy to hit and tree and have your disc pinball off several trees leaving a nearly impossible second and third shot 4: down hill and pretty much strait but if you miss right or left you go into the woods and its tough to get out; lane is about twenty feet wide for most of the hole and then it opens up 5: righty hole: uphill and wide fairway compared to the other holes; need a good drive to set up and short approach or putt for a two 6: left hole with a blind tee shot; the fairway is tight and it is easy to hit a tree and turn this hole into a bogey or worse 7: short strait, but narrow, hole with the basket in-between two trees so its visible (use a putter or a soft mid-range) 8: Lefty hole though righties do have a lane but its tough to hit; this hole isnít terribly long and a two is possible if you throw a good drive (woods on both sides) 9: out of the woods now; this is a long hole (around 450) with a blind tee shot; the fairway goes down hill to a strip of woods with a narrow opening; the fairway then goes uphill to the hole with a corn field behind the basket; long throwers might be able to attack the gap at the bottom of the hill though it is best to lay up 10: long hole that is strait up hill; grip it and rip it (wide open) 11: back to the woods; this is a strait shot and the basket is visible (probably a fairway driver or a mid-range) 12: definite righty hole; the lane is about fifteen wide and turns hard left (midrange) 13: borderline unfair; there isnít a lane really and the openings are tight; the hole goes downhill and then back uphill to the basket 14: virtually no lane at all with drop offs on the right and the left and a pond long (fairway driver) 15: lefty hole: the fairway turns to the right and this is a blind tee shot 16: around 330 and totally open; grip it and rip it 17: very tough hole with woods on the left and the right and the basket is nestled behind trees on a small hill 18: very tough hole: favors lefties; start in the open and have to go through an opening into the woods as the fairway turns right and then straitens out
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Feature: Eureka, IL
Feature: Driving Directions
Feature: 2004
Feature: 18
Feature 5 No / No
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