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McClendan Park

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McClendon park is another one of those Houston are parks built on what really is nothing more than a flood plain/water retention area with a fence around it. Park amenities are top notch with some really nice bbq areas and clean restrooms to get out of the rain or beating sun. It a very short course on both speed of play and distance. holes range form ~389ft on hole 2 and 7 to some very short holes like 1 (~89ft) and 3 and 4(each ~100ft). Being a flood zone the course makes its way along the lip of a large drainage bowl with all but a few baskets sitting on the upper lip of the bowl. Makes my a couple frustrating holes, where if you miss the disc takes a roll down hill putting you a good 30ft further than you started. This is great beginners course and good for practice on your short game. Dont expect to be overly challenged unless the wind is howling. And I highly advise finding a different park if it has rained recently. There are concrete paths between holes, but a solid rain can flood a large area of the park. I have been 4 or 5 times, and never seen another golfer out there. be advised 1 and 9 are disasterously close to the parking lot for those still learning to control the disc. And people either walk through your game, or even bring your disc to you thinking they are helping you out. Both amusing and frustrating.
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