NFL is'd you do?

Posted by Grant on 9/14/2010 to General
Football is here!  Fall is almost here!  You can start to feel summer slowly give way to fall and with it we get to enjoy clearer fairways from the dying of the vegetation, cooler temperatures, dew on the ground for those morning disc golf outings and most importantly (ha...) FOOTBALL. 
So grow your beard, pump some iron, or something else to indicate your manliness.  Football season is upon us and it's hard to deny the pull of a Sunday filled with eating and watching strong men grab each other.  Truth be told, college ball is becoming more interesting than the pros.  College is more variable with that anything-can-happen atmosphere that is often missing from professional games even with the increased parity of NFL teams in the last couple of years. 
What I really need to do is play more disc golf.  I'm getting dad-gum rusty.  Thanks to my 4 month old son...he just doesn't understand anything about priorities. 
Hey everyone, keep on playing with your frisbees (yeah I said it) as much as possible and enjoy the arrival of football.  How 'bout them Cowboys...oh yeah, they are a constant source of disappointment.  [cries a little inside]
See ya on the course,

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