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Posted by discgolfstation on 5/16/2010 to Disc Golf Courses

Presenting version one of Disc Golf Station’s Disc Golf Course Locator:

Disc Golf Course Locator

Disc Golf Course Locator

Find your local courses or over 3000 courses across the country.  You can easily get directions by clicking the “Get Directions” link.  We have worked very hard on getting this locator off of the ground.  We already have many, many upgrades in the works.  This is an ongoing project.  The locator will continue to be updated to get you the best possible information in the simplest, easiest way. Now for the good stuff.

Opportunity to earn Reward Points at Disc Golf Station:

We want course reviews!!!  For a limited time, we are offering 5 Reward Points per review that we approve.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a course you have played
  2. Click on “Review this course”
  3. Write an original review of this course.  (think of info that would be helpful to someone that hasn’t played that course)
  4. We will approve your review and add 5 Reward Points to your account with us under the following conditions:
  • Your review must be original. If you copy from another site or any copyrighted material, we will not approve and you won’t get points for any review.  We will assume you have copied all other reviews.
  • Your review must be more than a few words to get Reward Points.   Only writing “This course is fun” or “this course is hard” is not substantial enough to earn points, we will probably post it but we can’t give you points if your review doesn’t have any substance.  Reviews can only be about 500 characters so you don’t need to write an essay, just some helpful comments about pros/cons or your notes about the course.
  • We reserve the right to reject any review for any reason not listed above if we feel it’s warranted.

Other thoughts:  Make sure you put your name or at least email that you use to order on our site so we can give the points to the right person!

Check out what you can get with your Rewards Points at Disc Golf Station!

Have a good one guys and see ya on the course!


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