Nightmares can come true!

Posted by Wallace on 1/19/2010 to Disc Golf Tournaments

Last Saturday, a field of 50 players converged midday at San Antonio’s Nani Falcone Park to compete in the first of five qualifiers in The Alamo Disc Series, presented by Disc Golf Station.  Aptly titled “Nightmare at Nani,” the course featured 9 temporary holes, abundant out-of-bounds, island holes, re-tee holes, leftover rainwaters, and gusty winds that transformed an easy nine-holer into a challenging and frustrating round.  And that was just the first round played in the daytime. 

As the sun fell, players took a break to grab dinner, shake off the shame of their snowmen and hockey sticks, fix their discs with glow sticks or charge their glow discs.  Thankfully, the wind subsided during the night round, and the T.D. removed O.B. penalties.  These two factors alone saw most players shooting much better despite playing in the dark.  I have to say, if there’s anything cooler than watching a disc in flight, it may  be watching one light up the sky at night.

Tomas Sandaval of New Mexico beat out locals Jayson Houston and Orlando Perieda for the Open Men’s victory.  Leading Advanced Men, Intermediate Men, and Recreational Men was Marcos Castillo, Joel Santrock, and Mike Morales, respectively.  Lena Ayala took the top spot in Intermediate Women.  The action wouldn’t have been complete without some great CTP and Ring of Fire competitions, both played in the dark.  Particularly interesting was the Ring of Fire with 50 glowing putters hitting a central target.  Some great prizes were offered from Disc Golf Station, Jerry’s Cherries, Title Disc, Fly Ink (awesome dyes from local artist and player Dave Wimer).

Check back for updates on the next events in The Alamo Disc Series!

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