Putting Confidence Program

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 9/13/2009 to Tips and Technique

Okay. Lets be honest. My putting game is not the best. In fact, I would venture to say out of the broad categories of driving, approaching, and putting, it is the worst of the three. This has been the cause of many what ifís and maybes. Woulda Coulda Shoulda. Iíve tried a few different styles, a TON of different putters, and hours of practices and the results areÖÖ..inconclusive.

So again, Iím looking for a way to give me a solid technique that I can latch on to round after round and start making some of those birdies and saving those pars. Címon man, Iím only human. And all the humans I know HATE MISSING PUTTS.

Iím going to give Discraftís Putting Confidence Program presented by Mark Ellis the olí college try. The basics of the program build the #1 skill needed for putting-CONFIDENCE.
The drill is simple
1. 30 minutes a day(two 15 minute segments) for a month.
2. Develop confidence by making SHORT putts.
3. Use the same setup/routine as you would in your tournament rounds.

Mark Ellis recommends picking up a couple of new putters that are void of any ďhistory.Ē  I just picked up a Pro-D Challenger from Discraft.  I like it for the short push putts and for short tee shots or upshots.   If you need some discs, Discgolfstation has DOUBLE REWARD POINTS this week!!!

Check back and Iíll let you know how itís going!  Leave a comment-what putter do you like best? Whatís your routine? Has anybody tried this program before?

Happy putting. 

Disc is how we do it.

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