Putting Confidence Update #1

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 9/29/2009 to Tips and Technique
Halfway through the putting program, I thought I’d go public with my progress-good or bad.  First let me recap the program:

1. 30 minutes a day(two 15 minute segments) for a month.
2. Develop confidence by making SHORT putts.
3. Use the same setup/routine as you would in your tournament rounds.

I’ve been using a Discraft Pro-D Challenger and an Innova R-Pro Dart.  The two act differently, but I’m really comfortable with each disc.  I found that 15ft( yeah only 15ft!!!!) was the best distance to work from.  It’s the first point I feel that I have to actually THROW the disc.  Admittedly, you can get away with minor imperfections in your form at 15ft but you still need clean throws as I found it’s really easy to miss from 15ft.  From 10ft, I don’t get any value out of it and from 20ft, I don’t build my confidence because I miss a lot.

Putting with a Discraft Pro-D Challenger

So, 15ft putts for 30 minutes a day! My consistency and confidence has gone up, although I was hoping for a magic quick fix. This is not that. It has taken a lot of dedication. I didn’t realize how LONG 30 minutes a day can seem.  We’ve had a lot of rain in the last two weeks for me which made it even harder to get my practice in.  All that said, I’ve felt more at ease at this distance and it’s already helping on the course.  Today I went 57/60 (95%) during one of the 15 minute segments! That is my best so far.

The discouraging part is I STILL MISS PUTTS!!! Can the sadness never end?  The mental game is what this program is all about and I still find myself getting frustrated and letting one miss lead to another.  As I’m practicing I have to talk myself up and keep cool( just like at a tournament or in a round).  I have two more weeks, but I think overall I’m improving slowly. Hey I’ll count that as a victory. More to come later!

My gear is a Lightning DB-5 from Discgolfstation.

Disc is how we do it.

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