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Putting Confidence Wrap-up

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 10/16/2009 to Tips and Technique

Here after a month of the Putting Confidence ProgramÖBad news. This was not the mystical elixir that cured all my putting woes.  In fact it was merely a routine-based solution to my lack of consistency in the putting game.  The  mental aspect of the program is great-you learn to make short putts over and over again.  You establish a consistent pre-putt routine that helps your body recreate the successful motion.

Thereís one problem here. My human mind still wanders, lacks focus, carries frustration from that last sorry putt, etc etc.  The biggest lesson I learned was to fix the head part of the game and let the rest fall into place.  More positivity, more makes.  More anxiety and worry, more misses. 

I encourage anybody wanting to putt better to give it a go. CAVEAT-set your course against all odds or donít even bother.  If youíre not up to putting when you donít feel like it, this probably wonít work.  Iíve had a month of hard rains which made it ANNOYING to get out and work on my putting game.  If you wanna see some improvement, I think this could be successful for you too.

After some thought, I decided to replace my Dart with a Elite-X Soft Challenger from Discraft to go along with my Pro-D Challenger.  I feel this will accelerate my progress because my putters are now much more comparable.

Keep on keepiní on.

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