So I waited 20 minutes…

Posted by Grant on 1/25/2010 to General

This first part has nothing to do with disc golf.  It has everything to do with waiting in line at Kroger for 20 minutes behind this lady.  So, last night my wife and I are shopping for groceries for the week and I turned out to be the cart pusher when it came time to choose a checkout lane.  We had too many things for the speedy line and thus too many for my own self to do at the self-checkout…how does that work anyway-me do Kroger’s work for them?  We found ourselves pulling into what seemed to be a good line choice.  There was just one customer in line and she already had most of her items on the conveyor.

“How bad could this be I said to myself?”  “Not very,” I said back.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Turns out she had more items than it first appeared.  Quite a pack rat of the grocery basket she was.  Ok, so it’s looking like it’s going to cost a ton so my wife and I took an over/under on $350 for the total cost of this lady’s trip to Kroger.  My wife goes over so by default I’ve got to make it a competition and go under.  So my wife gets in position to eavesdrop and see/hear how much money it’s going to be and then…..

The unthinkable happened.  This lady pulls out an envelope an inch thick and hands it to the cashier.  It’s full of coupons.  FULL.  OF COUPONS.  She was going to need them to because the total had escalated to $430.  I was WAY off calling under on $350.  The cashier rings up every coupon.  Cost her $180.  Wait…what!!!  $250 in coupons.  Are you kidding me?  This woman’s rudeness and gall at hogging the lane for 20 minutes quickly became sheer brilliance.  My wife and I just looked at each other shaking our heads.

The moral of this story is not that somehow I won that over/under….it’s START USING COUPONS!

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