Team Disc Golf Station

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 - - - Randy Bold - - - 
PDGA Member: #40383
Randy Bold

Randy Bold is an advanced level player in DFW and can threaten to win any Advanced competition he enters.  He's a well-rounded golfer with many shots in his arsenal.

In the Bag
Discmania PD2 - Latitude 64 XXX - Discraft ESP Predator

Favorite Courses
Veterans Park
Turner Park
Lester Lorch Beaver

 - - - Chris Cooper - - - 
PDGA Member: #37289
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper has been a friend of DGS for many years
now.  He is also currently the highest rated Team DGS member.

"I love the sport of disc golf.  Ive played sports all my life and love competing.  Disc golf is my favorite though because you not only compete against others, but also against yourself.  It requires both athletic ability and mental focus."

In the Bag

Elite Z Force - Elite Z Flick - Elite Z Nuke - Elite Z Avenger SS - Elite Z Stalker - Elite Z Buzzz SS - ESP Meteor - Medium Flex Magic 

Favorite Courses

Idlewild in Burlington, Kentucky - "Because it is beautiful and has so much to offer with great variety and a great deal of challenge."

Lincoln Ridge in Independence, Kentucky - "Because of the beauty and challenge as well.  Also a very fun course!"

Lester Lorch Park in Cedar Hill, Texas - "Because it is exclusively disc golf, is very challenging, and is cared for by a great disc golf community"

 - - - Clint Henderson - - - 
Clint Henderson
Clint Henderson is co-founder of Disc Golf Station and husband to Team DGS member Kelly Henderson.  He's usually manning the DGS booth at events, so feel free to come say Hello. 

"I like the whole disc golf atmosphere.  Disc golfers are a lot more competitive than some might think.  That's important for the growth of any sport." 

Also, be sure to compliment his neat-looking stamps on tourney discs and any other graphics you see on or offline.  He does all of this "artsy" creative stuff for Disc Golf Station.

In the Bag
Vibram Trak -
Discraft Nuke SS - Discraft Buzzz SS - Discraft Soft Focus - Discraft XL

Favorite Courses
North Park - "North Park is literally 2 minutes from my house, what else to say"
Horseshoe Canyon Ranch - "I had gone here once when my parents had a place in Harrison, AR.  If you're in the area, it's a must!"
Arcadia Park - "Again, this one is very close to my house, that's a big plus.  Very open course, annoying sometimes with families and what-not, but it's a clean place"

 - - - Kelly Henderson - - - 
Kelly McCoy

You'll find Kelly Henderson at most of's events & tourneys, possibly holding babies, like the stylish baby you see in the photo.  She is husband to fellow DGS Team Member, Clint Henderson, who is also the co-founder of
Disc Golf Station

"I enjoy being part of the tournaments, we always have a good time."  Kelly doesn't play a lot of disc golf, but she loves the outdoors and helping out at tournaments.  We're glad to have her on the team!

 - - - Larry Hollon - - - 

Larry Hollon

Larry fell in love with disc golf a couple of years ago when a colleague (Chris Cooper) introduced him to the game.  He's one of the most active Senior Grandmasters in the DFW area.  He has won multiple Advanced Senior Grandmaster divisions this year, including the North Park Open, Birdie-or-Bust at Bear Creek, and the Weatherford Open.

 - - - Mike Holloway - - - 

PDGA Member: #40121
Mike HollowayMike Holloway is one of the nicest (and loudest) guys you'll meet on the course.  He is always energetic and plays the game with passion.  Mike has recently stepped up and started playing in the Open division.

In the Bag
ESP Force, ESP Buzzz, Star Destroyer, Soft Banger

Favorite Courses
Veteran's Park - Arlington TX
Bicentennial Park
- Crowley, TX

 - - - Jesse McKenzie - - -
PDGA Member: #51367
Jesse McKenzie
Jesse McKenzie (Jesse the Saddlemaker we call him) got introduced to the DGS guys playing minis at North Park and Arcadia.  He has shown a drive to improve his game and learn how to compete at a higher level.  If you haven't seen his custom leather bag, ask him about it the next time you see him at the course!


 - - - Kyle Nowell - - - 
Kyle Nowell


 - - - Danny Piacente - - - 
Danny Piacente
Danny started playing disc golf in January of 2011 at Veteran's Park in Arlington, TX and played in his first PDGA tournament that February at the Winter Warm Up.  Since then, he has continued to improve his all-around game and finally got his first win at the 2012 Cedar Hill Chill.  Danny was first introduced to the DGS guys at the 2012 North Park Open.
"In 2012, I am aiming to get my PDGA rating above 900 and get a few top 3 finishes in tournament play."  

In the Bag
Echo Star Destroyer -
Echo Star WraithZ ForceGlo Stalker - Z Predator - ESP Avenger SS - Z Buzzz - Z HornetESP Meteor - Pro-D Challenger - Champion Rhyno

Favorite Courses
Veteran's Park - Arlington TX
Lake Lewisville Park -  Lewisville, TX
Lester Lorch - Beaver and Coyote courses - Cedar Hill, TX
Circle R - Circ Hill and Rolling Meadows courses - Wimberly, TX

 - - - Tyler Raemhild - - - 
PDGA Member: #48532
Tyler RaemhildTyler is an up and coming disc golfer working his way through the Intermediate Division.  He likes to have a good time but is dedicated to improving his game so watch out!

In the Bag

Stalker (I have 7 in my bag) and Rhynos (I have 4 in my bag. 1 Champion, 1 Gummy Champion, and 2 R-Pros)

Favorite Courses
Lake Lewisville

 - - - Chelsea Stanley - - - 

Chelsea Stanley

You'll find Chelsea Stanley at most of's events & tourneys, possibly holding babies, selling discs, or helping in some way!  She is husband to fellow DGS Team Member, Grant Stanley, who is also the co-founder of
Disc Golf Station.  

Chelsea has just a few discs of her own and plays at shorter courses with Grant when she can.  However, she does not allow her husband to "coach" her about disc golf or analyze her shots. She plays disc golf to have fun and that's it! 

 - - - Grant Stanley - - - 

PDGA Member: #39636
Grant Stanley
Grant Stanley is co-founder of Disc Golf Station and husband to Team DGS member Chelsea Stanley.  His teammate and brother Wallace introduced him to the game in the spring of 2008 at Bear Creek park in Grapevine.  He has been hooked ever since.

"I love disc golf.  It's the number one recreational activity I do.  It allows me to have fun, be competitive, see nature, and meet great people that I otherwise wouldn't have known."

In the Bag
Elite-Z Nuke -
 SSS Voodoo Proline HurricaneElite-Z Force - ESP Buzzz

Favorite Courses
The Rez - "Beautiful pine trees and lines.  Great DG memories with Wallace at this park."
Lester Lorch - "I love both Coyote and Beaver courses for the shot variety and challenge.  Added bonus that it's disc golfers only in the park"
Bicentennial Park (Crowley) - "With three tees on every hole, 20+holes, and multiple pins the course offers variety.  Probably the most elevation change in DFW too."

 - - - Wallace Stanley - - - 
PDGA Member: #39718
Wallace Stanley

Wallace Stanley is brother to Grant and indirectly responsible for starting this whole thing!  Wallace has been a highly valued member of Team DGS long before this "team" was organized.  He has been instrumental in helping with tournaments, especially those in the San Antonio area.  His dedication to the sport, the community, and the company are to be commended.

Favorite Courses
Barnett Resevoir The Rez - "I love The Rez because it's challenging and the scenery is beautiful. Tall pine trees and the reservoir coming into play make for some really cool shots. Also, if I'm there, I'm on vacation."
Lester Lorch -Beaver - "The Lester Lorch Courses are a blast to play. The property is disc golf only which makes for a great experience. It's fun to make a day of it here. The courses play differently, one more open and the other tighter. My group usually plays doubles here."
Universal City Park - "UC Park is my home course (about 5 minutes away). I play here almost every week and still struggle with consistency. The course lends itself to birdies but is wooded enough to make some deuce runs become bogeys in a hurry. Its a fun course and I can play it solo in an hour."

In the Bag
Z Nukes - ESP Surge - Z Forces - Z Avenger - ESP Avenger SS - Z Stalker - ESP XL - Z Flick - Z Buzzz - Z Buzzz SS - ESP Meteor - ESP Zone - Z Hornet - D Banger GT

 - - - David Tennant - - - 
PDGA Member: #42327
David Tennant

I have been playing casually since around 2005, competetively for the last 3. I have done so much more in my life since playing this sport. The people I have connected with have become great friends even outside of the game. I try to spread the sport to anyone that will listen."

Most all my discs are considered freaks of natures. They don't do what everyone elses do. I like to think I can make them do things they weren't meant to."