Thank you wives!

Posted by Grant on 12/15/2011 to Grant's Corner
As I'm sitting at home, three days removed from the birth of my little girl, I'm mindful of the help and support that the Disc Golf Station wives have given us.  My wife, Chelsea, Clint's wife, Kelly, and Wallace's wife, Jenny have all been instrumental in helping Disc Golf Station take care of the day to day shipping of orders, the restocking of inventory, and the much needed help while we are at tournaments. 

My wife especially has taken a very large role in not only raising my son (and now daughter) but in making sure packages get shipped out on time each day.  Disc Golf Station is truly a family owned and operated business.  We're not a corporation and we don't have employees outside of family.  DGS is run by the Stanleys and the Hendersons.  I take pride in this!

I am looking forward to a time when my son (18 months old) can actually help with the store.  Right now, he loves it when we get restocking orders because his favorite thing in the whole world is to spread as many discs out all over the place as soon as possible.  On a recent tournament order, he removed and spread out over 20 discs in about 2 minutes.  "Thanks for your help little buddy," I said.  But honestly, I meant it.  He was helping in the only way he knew how.  He loves "fizz-bees" and that makes me excited.

Anyways, a big thank you to our supportive family here at Disc Golf Station, most of all to our wives that put up with the business and with us!

See ya on the course,


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