To return or not to return?

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 12/7/2009 to Disc Reviews

Walking to the area where your drive might have landed, which is unfortunately a few steps away from center fairway, in fact itís more like 50 feet in the rough, you notice a yellow disc lying in the grass directly under some tall trees.  If it were me (obviously this is just theoretical, cause Iím always dead center fairwayÖ) my mind would race with figurative fingers crossed repeating the words ďno name no name no name please no name no name címon no name!Ē  A quick examination of the underside and rim of the disc proves compliant with my wishes. NO NAME! This puppy is mine.  I would love to return it, but after all, the guy that chunked it over here didnít bother to leave me any trail to follow back to him.  So, now Iíve got another disc to rotate through my bag.  Perhaps for standard use, perhaps for water hazard shots.  Either way, this disc payed for my gas to the course today. 

On the flip side, had the disc had a name and contact information on it, it would be a totally different story.  You may have your own system of returning discs.  Or maybe you donít return discsÖ  Either way, here is my philosophy.  

No name or contact=finders keepers.

Name and number=I call and leave 3 messages.  I offer to meet at the course, meet at a convenience store, etc.  If after 3 messages, I donít hear back I go ahead and call off the search.  If I get ahold of them, I do not charge people for their discs.  If they offer a trade or a drink, Iíll consider it.

Name only=white pages search. 3 calls if I can manage.  Itís always easier if they just put their number on the darn thing.

Most people Iíve met feel similar about the issue.  You should make a good faith effort to return the plastic.  I would encourage you to do the same if thatís not your current policy.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts!  Now get back out on the course and throw some discsÖbut put your NAME and NUMBER on your plastic or I will be throwing it over the lake at Lester Lorch after next rain.

p.s. Put an Elite-Z Surge in the chains at Live Oak #1. That sound NEVER gets old.

Ace at Live Oak City Park #1.

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