Weatherford Open - 2013

Divisional Winners:

Chris Cooper won his first Men's Pro Open Division (MPO) shooting great in the tough winds at Weatherford.  He recorded his first ever round over 1000 with an unofficial 1029 on the second round shooting 10 down from the shorts including 3 temp holes.  Chris is a Team Disc Golf Station member and represents us well, great job!

Matt Altemose won the Men's Novice Division (MA4) winning by 19 strokes!

Walt Raemhild won the Men's Rec Division (MA3) besting the field of 13 that also included two other Raemhilds that shall remain nameless.

Gabe Molina is a beast and is the winner of the Advanced Men's Division (MA1).  He had the hot round for the morning from the Longs (and 3 temp holes) with a 57 which is 1010 unofficially. 

Tom Snapp was a happy camper with his win in the Men's Intermediate Division (MA2) which drew the usual "move up" and "bagger" jeers from the crowd.  Shooting 940+ golf for the day may mean it's time Tom! 

Beth Pharr barely made it to the tournament on time but she cleaned house in the Women's Advanced group (FA1).  Beth shot 840 golf on the day, great job! 

Dana King won the Advanced Senior Grandmasters Division (MS1) besting Larry Hollon.  I guess disc golf runs in the family...see below...

Paul King shot much better in the second round to come from behind and win the Men's Pro Master division (MPM).  We don't know who taught who how to play but Dana and Paul are both competitive players in their divisions regardless!

McKayla Adams won FJ1 Division.  McKayla also comes from a disc golf family, her brother and father both played too!

Mike Anderson won the Advanced Grandmasters division (MG1) handily over the field, winning by 8 strokes over Greg Cox.  Mike shot a great first round from the longs which is unofficially rated at 974.

Andrew Ramirez of Team Disc Golf Station won the Advanced Masters division (MM1) over Brad Jenkins.  Drew shot above his rating both rounds even though he uses the wrong hand.  :-)  Good shooting Mr. Ramirez!

Doubles Results from Friday March 15th:

We played the regular 18 from the Shorts.

Open (Cash):

1. Brice Longerbone / Sean Robertson - 42 ($30/each)
2. Wallace Stanley / Patrick MdReynolds - 44 ($25/each)
3. Salem Mhanna / Josh Blanke - 46 ($15/each)

Amateur (Merch):

T1. Grant Stanley / Lawrence Bacon - 46 ($30/each)
T1. Will Mayfield / Jeff Presley - 46 ($30/each)
T3. Woody Wood / Brian McVickers - 48 ($15/each)
T3. Dusty Eubanks / Kyle Nowell - 48  ($15/each)
T3. Tyler Raemhild / John Altemose - 48  ($15/each)
T3. Gabe Molina / Adrian Cordova - 48  ($15/each)

Mixed Am (Merch):

1. John Altemose Jr. / Madison Ling - 66 ($10/each)