Why won’t they let us play through?!?

Posted by Disc Golf Station on 10/26/2009 to General

You know you and your disc golf buddies best of all, and you can make the decision on your style of play (assuming the course traffic is low enough).  I’m not here to tell you what you HAVE to do, but here is some common disc golf etiquette that will help keep all on the course safe and happy.

Grant parking a drive at Arroyos y Camisos

1. ALWAYS wait until the path is clear to throw.  Wait until the group ahead finishes the hole before you tee off.  Use a spotter if needed. This includes pedestrians, cars, pets, etc.

2. WHEN a smaller/faster group is coming up behind you, any of the following options are a good choice.

-Finish the hole you’re on, and wait at the next tee and allow them to “play through.”

-Finish the hole you’re on, and ask if they want to play the next hole with you, then allow them to play through.

-Move to the side and let them tee off and play through while your safely standing on the edge of the fairway.

3.  If your group is the faster party and are approaching a slower/larger group, be patient and polite as you attempt to “play through.” Remember #1-DO NOT throw your disc unless the group ahead knows you are throwing and have taken precaution.    Most people are keen to proper etiquette and will let you go right ahead.  If the group isn’t picking up on your body language while you wait 15 minutes for them to finish a single hole, you have some options

-It is acceptable to politely ask for the courtesy of playing through.

-Skip the hole and move ahead.  You can play the hole later, or just forget it.

-Sit down, grab a drink, turn your iPOD on, send some texts and  just simply play slower.

Be smart, use common sense.

Grab some gear and get on the course.

Disc is how we do it.


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