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"Y'all here for the flag burnin'?"

Posted by Grant on 5/15/2011 to Grant's Corner
Last Sunday, my brother Wallace, brother-in-law Clint, and brother from another mother Brandon went disc golfing at a new course in Trophy Club, Texas.  As we stopped at the front gate office to pay our dollar to enter, the nice old man guarding the booth simply and sincerely asked us those six perplexing words..."y'all here for the flag burning?" 

Confused, I politely said "Excuse me?"  He repeated the question.  Loving America like I do and not wanting to be included in some hate rally I quickly said "No sir, we're here to play disc golf."  He replied "Oh ok, well the Girl Scouts are burning flags today in the same location."  Wow!!!

IGirl Scouts Burn Flagsmmediately and intuitively, I knew that the Girl Scouts were learning how to properly dispose of a flag but it was just too funny.  I paid our dollar and drove into the park.

The new course at Trophy Club is a nine-holer designed by the Funkytown Flyers disc golf club from Fort Worth.  It's still in development so I'll reserve judgment on it yet.  There was a mix of hole type and length.  What I noticed though was that this park area has room for about 100 more holes of golf in there if they'd allow it. 

There was something supremely unique about 30 little Girl Scouts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before torching Old Glory.  Honestly,  the smell was disgusting and likely unsafe to breathe in but we all know that the only proper way to dispose of something is to light it on fire.

On that note,  go buy some Girl Scout cookies and play with your frisbees!

See ya on the course,


P.S. - What is your favorite flavor of Girl Scout cookies?  Don't act like it's not Thin Mints!
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